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Well, the bikes don’t run on vodka, the Russians do. Italian photojournalist Alessandro D’Angelo recently attended this year’s 13th Annual Snow Dogs Unimoto Drag Race in a short piece for Wired, where you can check out some awesome photos of the brave men and women who risk their yaytsa’s on these contraptions, as well as hear a bit about D’Angelo’s experiences with his new comrades.

What is Unimoto? Well, get your hands on the most powerful motorcycle motor you possibly can (or an old Yamaha SRX thumper like this guy), then build a custom frame for it to sit in that has two skis on the front where one might have originally found a wheel, add one serious spiked off-road tire to the back… Now twist the throttle and pray your legs are still attached when you stop. That about sums up what Unimoto is.

You can check out a video from the 2015 Snow Dogs race here.