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Seville, Spain: I’m having to suffer through some terribly curvy roads and worries about shellfish allergy here in Spain to bring you word of Triumph’s latest Bonneville spin-offs: The new Street Cup version uses longer rear shocks (still with 120mm travel) to steepen rake and trail, and lower handlebars, which still aren’t all that low, to create a sportier Street Twin that’s not uncomfortable at all but which goes like stink on backroads, reminds me of a `90s Ducati SS for some reason? The only downside is it’s going to set you back $10,500.


In a couple of hours I’ll be braving 40-degree 9 am temperatures to ride the new Scrambler, which gets longer suspension components for increased ground clearance but still only 120mm travel at either end; I’ll try to make the best of it. At least the claimed weight is down to 453 pounds dry; the last time we put a Scrambler on the scales, with gas in it, it read 518. You’ll pay $10,700 for a shiny black one, and from there it’s a “short walk” in PR-speak to a red or matt green (olive drab) one. All for now…