Press Release: Bryan Smith rolled into the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento, California this weekend for Round 5 of the AMA Pro Flat Track season. The “King of the Mile” lived up to the name yet again as Smith claimed a dominating win in his Heat Race and followed it up with his sixth straight win at the Sacramento Mile.

The No. 42 Kawasaki Ninja 650 powered bike by Crosley Brands controlled the day, qualifying fastest and lining up for the Main Event on pole position. After grabbing the holeshot, Smith would control the first few laps until a red flag resulted in a restart. On the second start Smith would yet again take the holeshot and began ticking off laps. With two laps remaining Smith began struggling with brake fade, but was able to hold it together and crossed the line with a .024 second margin of victory.

“I started the weekend with confidence in myself and my Kawasaki,” said Smith. “I was hoping to just get away at the front and that didn’t happen so I started pushing hard. A red flag came out which helped us to regroup and check my tire wear. I hammered the restart and looked behind me in the first turn to see where we were at. After a few laps I decided to let someone else lead for a minute so I didn’t have the target on my back for a bit, as soon as I did the leader blew his motor and almost took me down. I decided that was enough of that and went for the lead again. With a couple laps to go my brakes went out going into Turn 1. With how much we use our rear brakes to keep wheel spin down, it made tough the last couple laps. Luckily I had a little spin out of Turn 4 but was able to tuck in and take the win and the points lead!”