Press Release: On October 15, 2015, Bell unveiled its most technically advanced road racing/street helmet to date, the new Bell Pro Star. In fact, from top to bottom, the entire 2016 Star Series is packed with so many advancements and new features that it was hard to touch on all of them. Case in point? Bell ProFit.

Typically, when a helmet manufacturer designs a helmet it creates two to three shells for a model, but offers up to six sizes. How? By adding extra padding to compensate for the size differences. But ultimately, this results in a bigger, less stable helmet and at top speeds that won’t cut it.Bell worked with its athletes and tapped into headform data from over 60 years to create Bell ProFit.

The all-new ProFIT sizing standard is purpose-built for high-speed racing. It offers five shell sizes and six impact liners to ensure that riders experience a more proportional fit optimized for weight, size and stability. Overall it’s a lighter, faster helmet and the smaller profile allows riders to achieve tighter tucked positions with improved aerodynamics. Plus, the better fitting helmet – without added size and material – offers less wind noise and reduced buffeting.