A quick note from our photographic friend Sara Liberte, who seems to be laying the groundwork for an even better Daytona Experience next year (smart girl). Danny Eslick, watch and learn!:
We were allowed permission from Daytona International Speedway to shoot on the track, just a static shot of the new Victory Octane Pace bike, on the start/finish line. This was exciting, but being the creative moto-enthusiast I am, I just really wished we could have done a few laps around the track and got some shots of the bike in action. Even the two police Officers we had with us wanted to rip a few laps around, can you blame us?
When the Daytona Beach Police Sargent tells you they are shutting down the US92 bridge for
their annual motor squad photo and invite you along with the brand New Victory Octane
Daytona 200 Pace bike, well, you move your ass and climb in that bucket truck and make
it happen. What a great group of officers, and come on, how cool looking are those
police bikes they get to patrol Daytona on? I love watching these guys ride, some of the
best riders you will find.