The Cameleon Oiler Plus Electronic Chain Lubrication is the newest product from The Cameleon Solution Group, Inc. which claims it well automatically adjust its oiling schedule based on ambient temperature.

Press release from The Cameleon Solution Group, Inc. below:

Let us first start by saying there are electronic chain oiler products available today including our very own Cameleon Chain Oiler E system kit which maintains the consumers gears and chain by oiling at certain programmed times that the consumer chooses.

The Cameleon PLUS is revolutionary, it will do the work for you that’s how different this smart system is. The one and only temperature sensitive Electronic system known today on the market. The PLUS reads the external temperature using its micro system and computer circuits in order to know exactly what is needed to maintain the chain and keep it in top working order. It can be off road conditions, rain, cold temperatures, wind or desert heat conditions the PLUS knows exactly what is needed using its Cameleon smart system. The PLUS also comes with two off road trek modes for the adventure riders and includes 6,000 kms of our high grade CCO synthetic oil.

As you can imagine this gives the consumer great flexibility and freedom from a job that is critical in order to keep not only the chain in good working order but also the overall safety of the rider. No more having to stop, check and recalculate, no more having to change from one ambient temperature oil to another, as the competitors products dictate, the PLUS uses one high grade CCO PAO synthetic oil that will keep your chain and sprocket in top working order.

It’s smart, it’s easy and it’s new in the oiling technology consumer world. We are excited in 2016 to bring this to the Motor cycle consumers and would greatly appreciate your review and expert feedback. This is one of a kind, never been seen before, a true ground breaking new product that we at the Cameleon Solution Group have spent a great deal of time, testing and resources to make sure it’s the best there is to offer.

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