British Customs understands that motorcycle customizing can often times be far too difficult a task for the average backyard mechanic. To that end, the company has launched what it calls the “Weekend Projects” package.

Consisting of more than 150 upgrades for your Triumph Bonneville-based ride, Weekend Projects are exactly that – package kits the average enthusiast can install with simple hand tools. The packages include everything necessary to upgrade an entire system, be it appearance, bodywork, controls, driveline, handling, lighting or performance.

Each package comes with a difficulty rating from 1-5, with the vast majority of kits lying somewhere on the easier side, suitable for the average wrench with a basic understanding of mechanics. Each week, British Customs will publish a buyer’s guide on their blog along with tips and tricks with helpful instructions on how to pick packages and how to install them.

Of course, if a customer doesn’t feel comfortable installing their own parts, any of the packages can be taken to a dealer for install.

For more information, visit the Weekend Projects website.