Earlier this week, we wrote about BMW inviting some special guests to witness the start of production for its R nineT roadster. Along with a couple of German celebrities such as television chef Horst Lichter and actor Ronald Zehrfeld, the guests included custom motorcycle shop Urban Motor.

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BMW tasked Urban Motor with creating the first custom R nineT to highlight the motorcycle’s potential. The result is what Urban Motor calls the “Track Grinder”.


Urban Motor handcrafted a new aluminum tank, side covers and fairing for the nineT, adding a three-tone color scheme. The painted circles on the bikini fairing give the illusion of a headlight; the actual light is mounted underneath the fairing. Another unique feature is the Motogadget Motoscope display composed of red LED pixels.

Other features include an Alcantara leather seat, Gilles Tooling handlebars, and LED taillight.

[Source: Urban Motor]