4. Piaggio MP3 500i.e.

Piaggio MP3

Call it blasphemous if you want, but we’re including a scooter on this list. Not just any scooter though, but the Piaggio MP3 500i.e. Yes it has three wheels and looks like it’s fresh off the set of Mad Max, but the 500cc Thumper is rather stout for a scooter. And, most impressively, this three-wheeler leans!

It turns heads wherever it goes, but it’s also surprisingly capable in the twisty stuff — the two front wheels provide a ton of confidence to lean’er over in turns. The MP3 is enjoyable even for sportbike riders and deserves accolades for its distinctive engineering. It’s a fun scoot, no doubt, but the clincher is its practicality. As Fonzie points out in the video, “You can fit 15 Stone Arrogant Bastards in here!”

  • k3ith

    If you’re going to include a scooter why not use the Morphous that looks like something from the jetsons but was only made for 1 year or the big Ruckus which is sortof the SUV of scooters (and a hell of a fun ride offroad).

  • David Siebert

    I would have to say that you should have included the ZX-11. It was the fastest motorcycle for a very long time and IMHO a classic and they are available cheap.