8. Harley-Davidson V-Rod

2002 Harley-Davidson V-Rod

“Harley have just done the improbable, nay, impossible by producing a (gasp) water-cooled motor…” is what we wrote in 2002 (has it really been that long?) when Harley-Davidson introduced the VRSCA V-Rod. The thought of H-D producing a thoroughly modern engine astonishes many today just as it did back then.

Of course, Porsche had a significant role in designing the engine, but the fact it exists at all is mind blowing. Look past the motor, which, admittedly is hard to do, and you’re left with a motorcycle that complements the Revolution engine. It’s a capable cruiser able to turn heads down the boulevard, while also carving a canyon at a respectable clip. And it does this with enough muscle to spin the rear tire on command.

The V-Rod is cool, it’s significant and it’s affordable.

  • k3ith

    If you’re going to include a scooter why not use the Morphous that looks like something from the jetsons but was only made for 1 year or the big Ruckus which is sortof the SUV of scooters (and a hell of a fun ride offroad).

  • David Siebert

    I would have to say that you should have included the ZX-11. It was the fastest motorcycle for a very long time and IMHO a classic and they are available cheap.