Top 10 Affordable Modern Classics

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1. 1998 Ducati 900SS FE

1998 Ducati 900SS FE

Not the Ducati you expected to see top this list, was it? While the 916 is a jewel in many a collector’s eye, the 900SS FE, or Final Edition, is arguably as significant. It marked the last of the carbureted, air-cooled Ducati Supersports that debuted at the dawn of the 1990s. Just 800 were produced, and only 300 came to the States. The following year saw the launch of a drastically redesigned and little loved 900SS penned by Pierre Terblanche that eventually killed Ducati’s Supersport line.

Delivering about 70 horses to the ground, it wasn’t the fastest Ducati, but it was nonetheless a fun and capable motorcycle thanks to its light weight. Early Supersports had a reputation for shaky build quality; the FEs, being the last of the line, don’t tend to have those issues. As an added bonus, FEs were the only Supersports to get silver fairings, adding to its uniqueness. Despite its rarity, primo examples can be found for well under the $10K price cap imposed on this list.

We expect the FE’s collectability will be enhanced once Ducati abandons all of its legend-making air-cooled V-Twins, currently remaining in only the Monster line (696, 796, 1100). We doubt they’ll still exist in Ducati’s 2016 lineup. Maybe 2015…

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  • k3ith

    If you’re going to include a scooter why not use the Morphous that looks like something from the jetsons but was only made for 1 year or the big Ruckus which is sortof the SUV of scooters (and a hell of a fun ride offroad).

  • David Siebert

    I would have to say that you should have included the ZX-11. It was the fastest motorcycle for a very long time and IMHO a classic and they are available cheap.