Michael Czysz, Founder and Team Principal of MotoCzysz, has been diagnosed with an undisclosed type of cancer, according to a team press release. He plans to undergo treatment immediately, which means he will not be able to attend the 2013 Isle of Man TT. He vows to return in 2014.

“I had planned to attend/participate in the TT every year for the rest of my life,” said a heavyhearted Czysz. The news comes on the heels of what should be an otherwise exciting two weeks on the island, as the team are set to unveil its latest contender. MotoCzysz claim the new motorcycle produces 20% more energy than last year, with handling capabilities “capable of rivaling any motorcycle.”

After finally achieving “the ton” and recording a 100 mph average lap speed in the 2012 event (104 mph, actually), the Czysz team believe the 2013 machine can do one better and average 110 mph — from a standing start — around the 37.73-mile course.

“The 013 models are the best electric motorcycles that MotoCzysz has ever built,” says Michael Czysz. “I cannot wait for Miller and Rutter to try them! My only wish is that I could be there to see and hear their responses. I am also sad that I cannot see the many people that have ended up being so important in my ‘TT life’ from organizers, press, stewards, tech officials, marshals, to other teams and riders, even restaurant owners.”

While Czysz will be undergoing treatment in Portland, Oregon, he says he “will be plugged in and watching as if I was there. I will order up a big plate of chips, listen to the boys on the radio and my team on the phone, watch the computer and have a magnum of Champagne chilled just in case.”

Our best wishes go out to Michael Czysz and his family and friends during this tough time.

  • bbtowns

    Sorry to hear it Michael. I’ve seen you out at PIR a few times, quick rider, always has cool bikes, and hopefully will be back to managing a TT effort soon!

  • Mike Smith

    Electric motorcycles are where it’s going. When the air ion battery is commercially available, ICE will be dead.

  • Jack Ward

    Warmest regards Michael. You can beat this thing and return for next year. We all hope to see you back in the lead at this event and in life. Be strong.

  • Greg G

    I echo what Jack Ward wrote. A truly beautiful and heartfelt sentiment. My best wishes on a speedy recovery Michael and best of luck to your team in this years event. Fight like hell man and see you back next year stronger than ever!

  • ScoobS

    Hope you and all cancer patients can recover soon…