The storied Indian Motorcycles brand will enter a new era this August at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with the debut of the 2014 Indian Chief. Powered by the  all-new Thunder Stroke 111 engine, the new Chief will be the first new Indian motorcycle introduced after the company was acquired by Polaris Industries in 2011.

To prepare for the launch, Polaris has released a new image and video of the new Chief, and announced it will be available in North American dealerships later this year with prices starting at $18,999.

The teaser images offer up some details, though nothing not entirely unexpected. We already knew about the Thunder Stroke 111 engine and the Indian head fender light has been a long-time feature on Indian motorcycles. We can also see the silhouette of the headlight with smaller, auxiliary driving lights. The studs on the rider and pillion seat stand out clearly in the teaser image, as does the long, straight exhaust pipe.

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The teaser video provides more details, clearly showing the footboards and highway bars and chrome handlebar switchgear. It also shows a second exhaust on the left side of the motorcycle to match the one on the right. We also get a clear look at the tank-mounted instruments including an analog speedometer with integrated LCD screen and an analog fuel gauge.

“When Polaris Industries acquired this brand two years ago, our goal from the outset was to leverage our engineering, manufacturing and operational prowess as a market leader in powersports to design and build a truly exceptional motorcycle that represents the perfect balance of legendary heritage and brilliant, state-of-the-art engineering and technology,” says Steve Menneto, vice president of motorcycles for Polaris Industries. “All of us at Indian Motorcycle are very proud to offer the 2014 Indian Chief at a starting price of $18,999. We set out to make the power and heritage of this beautiful new bike available at a price point that is competitive and more accessible to people who are looking for authenticity and choice in American motorcycles.”

At $18,999, the new Indian Chief is priced higher than the non-touring cruisers from Harley-Davidson and even those from its Victory cousins. On the other hand, it is still priced significantly lower than the 2013 Indian lineup which started at $26,499 for the Chief Classic.
[Source: Polaris]

  • Fausto

    Yes please


    I have to wonder, that if Indian, under Polaris skies, actually makes a go of it – and it looks like they’re poised for a serious go at it – do you think they’ll get any flack from having as their logo, an actual human being representation? I suppose if they came out with a Jewboi Rabbi edition, I might get my hackles up, but has anyone ever considered that there is a whole world of politically erect people just waiting for this to plop into their vegan laps? I just can’t help but wonder.

  • estes

    im sure they’ll sell a bazillion of em’, what with roots to evinrude outboards and ski-rule snowmobiles littering the bottoms of canadas pristeen bogs, how could they possible fail?

  • adamreith

    Well, they had to lower the price. It’s doubtful the $27K price would hold up for what is ultimately just another Harley clone. Just please God they don’t try to claim the company is older than Harley. Not that it matters that much since Royal Enfield is by far the oldest name in motorcycling.

  • Ric

    Indian is coming back. Most V-Twin have overpriced their market. Best of all, Polaris is based in Minnesota. Call EyeWitness News! An American will have an Amercan job in American! Albeit, they are own by Fuji Heavy Industries.

    Come on Milwaukee, their coming after you!

  • adamreith

    Fuji does not own Polaris. Polaris simply buys engines from them. A common enough practice is an incestuous industry.

  • Yes and no. Fuji Heavy Industries does own a percentage of Polaris stock, but just small percentage under about 6%. The two companies do have a technical partnership with Fuji supplying engines to a lot of Polaris off-road and snowmobile vehicles, but some use in-house Polaris engines. All Victory and Polaris engines are produced by Polaris itself.

  • ron bucholtz

    iam sure indian will sell like hot cakes any know Canadian price ?? its a very well built engine design . engine is way better looking than most .