#3 Meat Loaf, Bat Out of Hell

Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell

Bat Out of Hell is a bombastic, operatic and melodramatic musical razz on Bruce Springsteen – and has sold more copies than 99% of the Boss’ catalog can claim. Full of silly puns and Wagnerian grandiosity, it touches on all the Boss’ favorite themes – adolescent angst, awkward teenage love and driving. And, in this case, riding. The title track has been referred to many times by composer Jim Steinman as the ultimate “motorcycle crash song.” In its beginning, our protagonist is “speeding down the highway on a black phantom bike.” By the end of the song he’s been thrown off his bike and his organs exposed: “And the last thing I see is my heart still beating/Breaking out of my body and flying away/Like a bat out of hell.” The motorcycle sound in the middle of the song is producer Todd Rundgren on electric guitar. In this odd clip, our man Meat admits he doesn’t ride motorcycles, but enjoys sitting on them because it makes him feel “out.” Funny; that’s the same reaction I get when listening to this album.