#4 – Janis Joplin, Greatest Hits

Janis Joplin: Greatest Hits

This immortal 1973 album, its cover image snapped at the infamous Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, was released three years after Joplin’s death and cemented her status as Rock’s First Lady. This Sportster chop she’s sitting on reportedly belonged to either Big Brother or one of his Holding Company. Pearl performed and partied as hard as any of the guys in the male-dominated world of hard rock, and as a result she became an unlikely icon for the burgeoning women’s rights movement. Whether Janis was the proverbial “reluctant” icon is open for debate – although everyone knows the fate that awaits rock’s reluctant icons, and that same fate definitely befell Janis Joplin. There’s no indication of Janis ever being a motorcyclist herself, although images show her riding on the back of bikes and reports have her in at least two crashes, in 1964 and in 1970.