Top 10 Album Covers featuring Motorcycles

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#8 – Vanilla Ice, Cool As Ice Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Vanilla Ice: Cool As Ice

“Johnny Van Owen, a freewheeling, motorcycle-riding rapper, drifts from town to town with his crew. … He meets a girl named Kathy… a role [that] was initially offered to Gwyneth Paltrow. Her father forbade her from accepting it, due to the script’s sexual content…. The film was developed as a vehicle for Vanilla Ice, and was commercially and critically unsuccessful.”

Full disclosure: I never saw Cool As Ice, so the above information is liberally cribbed from Wikipedia. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can all look back today with gratitude that we haven’t heard much from this clown again. Turns out, the movie features our hero doing some rather (ahem) remarkable stunt riding on a gawdawful yellow sportbike. This hilarious and insightful two-minute clip pretty much sums it up.

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  • Dave

    “James Gang Rides Again” definitely top 5.

  • Tyler

    I was excited to see Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell album as the opening artwork for this, but then it only gets number 3? It’s one of the most badass albums ever made, capped off by a sweet bike, unfortunately not a Harley, which may have warranted it’s number 3 spot. Oh well, as Prince would say, “Game. Blouses.”

  • Davy

    you left out # 1 Jimi Hendricks on his chopper!!!!

  • Davy

    #1 Jimi Hendricks on his Chopper!!!!

  • marcel

    judas priest “painkiller”

  • Scott

    Shooting Star “Hang on for Your Life”

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  • Dale

    You forgot The Wild Angels sound track…Also The Boyzz from Illinois first album…Google it!!