#10 – Bon Jovi, Lay Your Hands On Me

Bon Jovi: Lay Your Hands On Me

Ladies, please! No open flames. The ultimate ’80s hair-metal sex symbol reclines in skin-tight pants (ouch!) and a pucker to match, slouching suggestively in the saddle of a tassled road pig, practically begging you to lay your hands on his shrink-wrapped leather thighs. Even though this ’88 Heritage Softail (on permanent display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio) was featured in a video and a number of posters, it was more than just a set piece. In the heyday of the band’s popularity, the Harley apparently helped the singer escape the limelight. “I’d started feeling like part of a machine I didn’t want to be part of,” he said in 2006. “I’d ride cross-country for a month at a time with two pairs of jeans, a few T-shirts and a couple of credit cards.” Yep, he seems to get it.