#1 – Prince and the Revolution, Purple Rain

Prince: Purple Rain

Number One on our list and in your hearts, the bike Prince famously used to woo Apollonia into skinny-dipping has been a subject of heated online debate since Al Gore invented the internet. Due to a widely circulated – but dated and completely unverifiable – forum post by a guy named Tom Summers, Prince-ophiles subscribe to the theory that the bike is a 1981 CB400A. The post states, in part: “I did the bike back in 1984. It is a Honda 400 automatic. [It] had Comstar wheels. … The fairing is a Kutter. … The three seats are one-off, with hot pink velour inserts custom made [by] Drag Specialties; the sissy bar was a standard Drag Spec item. The handlebars are the 6 bend variety. …One of the bikes … is on display at Paisley Park Studios in [Minnesota[. … Any other questions?? I’d be more than happy to answer…..Tom.” There the post’s trail runs cold. So all we have to say is, “That’s not Lake Minnetonka!”

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