#2 – Motley Crue, Girls Girls Girls

Motley Crue: Girls Girls Girls

LA’s bad boys of hard rock nailed it when they decided to accompany this ode to strippers with Harleys, and carried the theme through on the classic Girls Girls Girls video. Opening with a leg shot and a kick start, no other rock anthem more lasciviously embodies the bond between chicks, bikes and rock. The intro rev is the sound of singer Vince Neil’s own Harley, and the closing run through the gears is (reputedly) bassist Nikki Sixx’s Hog roaring down Franklin Canyon near Hollywood. Both bikes are prominently featured in the video and on the album cover. Here’s a story: A few years back, I was sitting aboard a Champion Trikes’ Gold Wing conversion at a stoplight on the Sunset Strip, slouching to remain incognito, when this song came on the radio. I sat up straight and smiled, cranked it up through the GL’s quad speakers – and people stared. Approvingly! For a four and a half glorious minutes, I actually felt cool aboard a trike. That, friends, is the power of rock ‘n’ roll.

  • Dave

    “James Gang Rides Again” definitely top 5.

  • Tyler

    I was excited to see Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell album as the opening artwork for this, but then it only gets number 3? It’s one of the most badass albums ever made, capped off by a sweet bike, unfortunately not a Harley, which may have warranted it’s number 3 spot. Oh well, as Prince would say, “Game. Blouses.”

  • Davy

    you left out # 1 Jimi Hendricks on his chopper!!!!

  • Davy

    #1 Jimi Hendricks on his Chopper!!!!

  • marcel

    judas priest “painkiller”

  • Scott

    Shooting Star “Hang on for Your Life”

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  • Dale

    You forgot The Wild Angels sound track…Also The Boyzz from Illinois first album…Google it!!