Blind Curves is the story of a woman who, after losing her husband to mesothelioma, tries everything to reinvent herself and recapture excitement for what comes next.

After following the advice of experts for 18 months, the 57-year-old executive decides to trade her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers and commits herself to a 2,500-mile road trip down America’s Pacific Northwest coast.

What follows is a funny, irreverent, and honest tale of how she faced her fears, tested old beliefs, and learned valuable lessons by breaking away from traditional wisdom and making the out-of-character choice. At the time, Crill had never ridden anything more powerful than a bicycle. In her new book, Crill recounts her surprising adventure and shares the important lessons she learned along the way.

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  • Linda Crill

    Tom and thanks for the book review. Experiencing lots of enthusiastic responses by readers and press. Some of us come to motorcycling early in life and others later. This is a great book for women wondering if they even want to ride their own motorcycle. Although my initial days of learning to ride held a lot of mistakes and fear about whether I could learn to ride, by staying with it, my motorcycle and I eventually become one machine riding down the highway and through life. Thanks for the review.