schwantzCotA management obviously doesn’t fathom the depth of respect MotoGP fans have for Kevin Schwantz. It may be the newest and best racing venue in the U.S., but it seems as though CotA management is going out of its way to make motorcyclists dislike the place.

Statement by Kevin Schwantz:

“I have read several reports regarding my attendance at the MotoGP test last week in Austin. I would like to make this statement:

“I had been in Switzerland over the weekend where I was the guest speaker at the St. Gallen University. I returned to Texas on Tuesday evening and on Thursday I was at CotA for the MotoGP test, with a proper credential supplied by the Attack team, to coach Blake Young. Additionally I was an invited guest of the LCR Honda team.

“While there, CotA security informed me that CotA management requested I leave the track immediately and was not welcomed at the circuit. CotA’s security force also accused me of criminal trespass and warned I would be arrested the next time I entered the track.

“This comes as a tremendous disappointment to Honda, Blake Young, and myself. Especially because I am single-handedly responsible for bringing MotoGP to Texas and for the initial design of the facility to accommodate MotoGP racing.”

Last year Kevin Schwantz filed a suit against CotA owners saying he got squeezed out as promoter for the MotoGP round.

  • John A. Stockman

    An invited guest of LCR Honda, and “security” said he was trespassing? Those clowns are not helping motorcycle road racing in the USA. Apparently, they are unaware of how much motorcycle racing in this country is denigrated and over-looked as a legit athletic endeavor. It needs all the help we can give it; including help from the tracks, current/former racers & champions and promoting the highest level of physical and mental athletic prowess of any sport. Just because they’re in a court case, shouldn’t disallow Shwantz from being at the track. Why didn’t those teams intervene? What a mess…I’ve seen and experienced these so-called “security” folks at various tracks. Stubborn, low-information sorts with a bit of power doesn’t make for a pleasant race-day experience for legit ticket-holding patrons. This type of behaviour is NOT what shows the American sports fan the legitimacy and credibility of motorcycle road racing. Bad move CoTA…

  • John Woods

    I was initially excited about this track, and planned to one day see a MotoGP of F1 race there, but I now have no intention of doing so. Way to go CotA management!