BMW Motorrad USA has launched a new national ad campaign, its first in the U.S., according to the company, in over 20 years.

The new ad campaign – “Feed Your Restless” – begins today, March 1, and will run more than 1,500 times through June on Velocity, Speed, Fuel TV, the Sportsman Channel, ESPN, ESPNews, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel.

BMW has produced four commercials for the campaign, three that will run nationally and a fourth for dealers to use for their local markets. The three national ads are “Lunch” featuring the BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL, “Cowboy Coffee” featuring BMW’s R1200GS and the F800GS, and “Boots” featuring the S1000RR, K1300S and R1200R.

Check after the jump to see the four national ads as well as some behind-the-scene photos.

“The ‘Feed Your Restless’ campaign is designed to appeal to the heart and soul of motorcyclists and to expand brand awareness and interest in BMW motorcycles in a fresh dynamic way,” says Todd Andersen, Marketing Manager, BMW Motorrad USA.  “We understand motorcyclists are a unique consumer.  They possess a restlessness in their DNA – an undeniable need to jump in the saddle, throw caution to wind and feel the freedom of riding.  These commercials will resonate with that restlessness to ride.”

The ads will begin airing March 1 on the following programs (all times EST):

  •     ESPN, NBA game, 8- 10:30p
  •     ESPN News, SportsCenter, 7:30-8p
  •     Discovery, Bering Sea Gold, 10-11p
  •     Velocity, American Hot Rod , 8-10p
  •     History, American Pickers, 8-10p
  •     H2, America Unearthed, 10-11p


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“Cowboy Coffee”

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[Source: BMW]

  • nancy johnson

    Why are the women in the video’s all on the back of the bikes? Why isn’t there one single woman shown on her own BMW motorcycle? Are women BMW riders not an important enough customer to depict at least in ONE of your commercials. As a female BMW rider, thanks for the shun BMW.

  • That is a very valid question. To be fair, there is a female rider on a S1000RR in the “Boots” commercial. There are two women in that ad, with one riding on the passenger seat behind a man but another riding by herself. She’s the last rider when they’re setting off. Your point still stands for the most part, as I didn’t really notice her until I looked very closely. The women in the other two ads are, however, passengers.

    You can see the female rider better in this behind-the-scenes picture: