Yamaha will reveal a new Star cruiser on March 9 during Daytona Bike Week. To promote the upcoming launch, Yamaha released a teaser video revealing a few fleeting glimpses of the new model along with the tag line “less is more”.

The video reveals some details such as dual rear shocks, a solo seat and a new single exhaust design. The key however is the “less is more” slogan which likely refers to the engine displacement. Most Star models have engines larger than 1000cc with the V Star models offering smaller engines in displacements of 942cc, 649cc and 249cc. Perhaps we can expect an engine in the 800cc range to compete against Harley-Davidson‘s 883cc Sportsters or Honda‘s 749cc Shadows.

Here is what Yamaha has to say about the new model:

“Less is more. Or as in this case of the latest Star Motorcycle, much more. More attitude. More style. More simplicity. More fun. And more performance than a bike like this ever had. What is it? It’s a whole new bike whose time has finally come. And it’s coming … in just a few short days.”

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[Source: Yamaha (YouTube)]

  • Fausto

    Please Yamaha,less is more, but more is better. I love your Royal Star, but the engine… V4 is the best configuration, 1300CC?? to small for me.

  • KC

    I’ve been waiting for a metric manufacturer, like Yamaha, to give me a Sportster competitor: a cruiser that’s under 600 pounds (wet), with an air-cooled, V-twin and standard-type frame and steering geometry. I hope this will be it!

  • keith

    Personally I’d love to see something between the 250 and 650. I like the handling of a smaller bike, but a 250 isn’t enough power. A 400-500 bobber would be awesome.

  • Felisha

    I am excited about the new cruiser, but I was really hoping for something a bigger. Perhaps a 1200cc. I currently ride a 1100 V-Star. I dont like the two 1300cc yamaha has now. I prefer the air cool instead of the liquid cool.

  • Felisha

    Yes, the 1300 is too small for some people but it would really work for me. I really like my 1100cc, like the style of the bike, love the way it handle. I was just hoping for a bike with 1100 style, but a little more power.

  • Felisha

    a sportster competitor would be exciting.
    90 hp and 550 lbs