In most of the Western world, it’s known as the Honda CBF125 but in India, it’s called the Stunner. A 124.7cc Single with a half fairing and windscreen, the CBF125 is an affordable choice for beginners. In India, the Honda markets the Stunner for young males as a good way to attract women.

Rarity is a white unicorn with a royal purple mane. A popular character in the cartoons, Rarity is fashion designer who owns her own boutique. We’re guessing it’s less effective at attracting women than the Honda Stunner.

So how did you do? If you got crossed up on some of these names, we don’t blame you. We fooled a lot of people around the office here at as well. If you got them all right, you either know a lot about motorcycles – or a lot about My Little Pony. You can pick which badge of honor you choose to wear.

  • David

    That’s was awesome! Made me laugh.

  • Jeffrey

    Making fun of motorcycles what a sad day

    What motorcycle company wouldn’t like to sell 1 million bikes in America ?

    Everyone ride in Asia hardly anyone rides in America Maybe they are doing something right

  • Auto Journo from India

    The photo of the scooty you have shown is actually of a scooter from the taiwanese SYM brand called the Flyte, funny name too I admit. But the Scooty it is not. And by the way ‘Scooty’ today has become a category name in India, just like ‘Xerox’

  • Hunter

    I’m a Brony who also is very fond of motorcycles, so this was a breeze. Haha!

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