Medley sounds like the name of a small displacement European scooter, perfect for short trips in busy urban areas. If you guessed it was the two-wheeler then you’re wrong. Medley is a turquoise winged pony with vibrant green hair.

The Splendor however is a 97.2cc motorcycle produced for India by Hero Honda, with customers scooping them up at a rate of about a million motorcycles per year making it one of the world’s top selling models. Hero Motocorp continues to sell the Splendor following its split from Honda, currently offering four variants: the Splendor+, the Splendor Pro, the Splendor NXG and the 124.7cc Super Splendor.

Next we have two very European-sounding names, Octavia and Estrella. Tell us, readers, which one is the motorcycle and which one is the pony?

  • David

    That’s was awesome! Made me laugh.

  • Jeffrey

    Making fun of motorcycles what a sad day

    What motorcycle company wouldn’t like to sell 1 million bikes in America ?

    Everyone ride in Asia hardly anyone rides in America Maybe they are doing something right

  • Auto Journo from India

    The photo of the scooty you have shown is actually of a scooter from the taiwanese SYM brand called the Flyte, funny name too I admit. But the Scooty it is not. And by the way ‘Scooty’ today has become a category name in India, just like ‘Xerox’

  • Hunter

    I’m a Brony who also is very fond of motorcycles, so this was a breeze. Haha!

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