The TVS Scooty is one of the most popular scooters available in India. Originally marketed in 1994 for both genders, the Scooty proved to be much more popular with women than men, leading TVS to reposition it as a scooter for women. The decision paid off and sales of the 87.8cc Scooty continued to climb.

TVS later introduced a variety of spin-off models such as the Scooty Streak, the Scooty Pep+ and the Scooty Teenz which was also available in an electric version.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo is one of the younger characters in the My Little Pony world. Like her idol, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo has wings but alas, cannot fly.

Next we offer the names Medley and Splendor. One of them is among the highest selling motorcycles in the world, the other has wings and a long curly mane. Which one’s which?

  • David

    That’s was awesome! Made me laugh.

  • Jeffrey

    Making fun of motorcycles what a sad day

    What motorcycle company wouldn’t like to sell 1 million bikes in America ?

    Everyone ride in Asia hardly anyone rides in America Maybe they are doing something right

  • Auto Journo from India

    The photo of the scooty you have shown is actually of a scooter from the taiwanese SYM brand called the Flyte, funny name too I admit. But the Scooty it is not. And by the way ‘Scooty’ today has become a category name in India, just like ‘Xerox’

  • Hunter

    I’m a Brony who also is very fond of motorcycles, so this was a breeze. Haha!

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