If you said Platina was the motorcycle, you’re right. We thought the name Platina would make a pretty name for a pony, but no, it’s a 100cc four-stroke from Bajaj produced for the Indian market. Consumers bought an impressive 500,000 units during the first eight months after the Platina’s debut in 2006 and it was named 100cc bike of the year in 2007 by Indian business news channel NDTV Profit.

Rainbow Dash on the other hand is a winged horse and one of the most popular My Little Pony characters. She gets her name by her multi-colored mane and the speed at which she can fly.

Up next we have two very similar sounding names: Scootaloo and Scooty. One of them is a scooter, the other is a pony. Can you tell which is which?