The Suzuki Inazuma is coming to Canada, according to multiple reports. The entry-level motorcycle was displayed at a recent dealer meeting in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, though it appears Canadians may have to wait as bit longer for the Inazuma to arrive in showrooms.

According to Canadian sites CMGOnline and MotorcycleMojo, Suzuki is in the initial stages of introducing the 248cc streetbike to Canada, so a 2014 launch may be more likely than 2013 availability. As yet, there is no word of American Suzuki also deciding to import the Inazuma to the U.S.

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Twin-cylinder motorcycle was first introduced in China last October as the GW250 and will be arriving in European showrooms this November as the Inazuma. It is powered by a fuel-injected 248cc SOHC parallel Twin engine. According to Suzuki, the European-spec Inazuma claims 24 hp and 29.5 ft-lb. at the crank. Even accounting for some losses through the powertrain, it should be an improvement on the 15.4 hp and 11.6 ft-lb. from the air-cooled Suzuki TU250 we dyno’ed for our 2009 250cc Shootout.

Suzuki also claims a curb weight of 403 pounds and fuel economy of 85 miles per Imperial gallon, which translates to 70.8 mpg. Helpful for new riders, the Inazuma’s instrument panel includes a gear indicator and a three-mode rpm indicator to tell the rider when to shift gears to optimize fuel economy.

The Suzuki Inazuma is also equipped with a six-speed transmission, telescopic fork, 3.5 gallon fuel tank  and styling inspired by the Suzuki B-King.

[Source: CMGOnline and MotorcycleMojo]

  • John A. Stockman

    That’s a great looking bike. Better styling than the previous 250’s they’ve offered, plus a bit more power. If it sells well in Canada, maybe it can find it’s place here, too. Seems like the OEM’s are seeing value in the smaller-capacity market. Not just for beginners, either.

  • Black Inazuma

    Has anyone any more information as to whether the Suzuki Inazuma 250 (GW250) is coming to Canada?

  • It’s currently in Suzuki’s exhibit on the motorcycle show circuit around the country but as yet not included in Suzuki’s 2013 lineup (it is in Suzuki’s U.S. lineup for 2013 however). It’s almost assuredly on its way to Canada, but we may be looking at a late launch, possibly even as a 2014 model.

  • Black Inazuma

    Thanks Dennis for the info. I intend to make a reference list of the differences in specifications for the countries that sell, or intend to sell, the Suzuki Inazuma 250 on my personal website ( but I will leave it for now until I get more info on the Canada and US launches. In any case, the equipment and details will be different according to the laws and requirements of each country. If the Inazuma is launched in Canada in 2014, it’s possible it may be up against Yamaha’s recently-announced YZF-R250 by then.

    One thing has become clearer: The 250-400cc section of the market has shifted a little from trail riders toward commuters and medium-distance tourers now entering the picture as interested parties particularly with the way fuel prices have been creeping up steadily. The larger Honda NC700X (and new CB500X), although a great bike and in some competition with the Inazuma, averages closer to 65mpg than the 75mpg some folks expected, if one trusts the accuracy of the reporting on At least this competition is causing some keener prices coming out to entice bikers!