Last year, the “American Chopper” TV franchise was reinvigorated by a special live show that brought in nearly 5 million total viewers and was the most-watched show among men of the entire TV schedule’s night. Called “American Chopper Live – The Build-Off,” the show pitted the Orange County Chopper crew against Paul Jr. Designs and the irascible malcontent Jesse James. We had a special interest in the show because Editor-in-Chief Kevin Duke was invited to be a guest judge on the show. You can read his story here.

With that ratings bonanza in the bank, the Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper” juggernaut is developing an even bigger build-off event scheduled to take place this December. The new event sees the inclusion of the Gas Monkey Garage team of Richard Rowlings and Aaron Kaufman from Discovery’s “Fast N’ Loud” series going head to head against the three rival shops from last year.

Paul Teutul Sr. and his son continue to have their differences and James has his own well-publicized controversies. Not one to be left out of the firefight, Rawlings recently ripped into James on TMZ, musing about marrying wealthy middle-aged actresses and buying the garage formerly used by James’  now-closed West Coast Choppers. He may be the new guy in this competition but Rawlings is obviously comfortable trash talking now that he’s hosting the Discovery Channel’s highest rating show.

Like last year’s build-off, the new American Chopper Live show will air over two nights. Each team will show off its finished motorcycle (and we’re hoping Paul Sr. will produce an actual motorcycle this time around instead of the tank pictured here) on Dec. 10 at American Chopper’s usual 9 pm EST air time. The show will then air live the following night, Dec. 11 at 9 pm EST from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for the final judging.

[Source: Discovery]

  • ThM

    I really enjoyed the program at the start, but all this familytrouble into this made the program boring and I lost my interest for it.
    ThM – Norway

  • Doc

    Yeah right! That’s why I like Fast N Loud so much: no bs drama. Richard and Aaron are going to destroy this build off for sure!

  • ronnramm

    I have come to appreciate all of the builders. I give them much respect.But I agree these builders should have to ride at least 350 miles or more to show workmanship of each builder. The bikes should have great showmanship but ride-ability will be the big question. Innovations will be on the side of PJD and OCC , the surprise is Gas Monkey guys, and the durability will be on the side of Jesse James. The show will be the usual Discovery Channel format , so all in all , It will be something to talk about .

  • RITA

    Does anyone know how to get tickets for the Live Show at the Hard Rock? I promised my husband if it came back We would definately go in 2012. I called the Hard Rock but they don’t know anything about it. I think it will be an awesome night can’t wait! I thought maybe someone went last year could tell me where to get ticket.

  • Lisa

    Rita- did you get info on how to get tickets? I called the Hard Rock, was transfered 3 times, and still didn’t get an answer. Thanks!

  • RITA


  • Ratchett

    C’mon Discovery. You guys need to make them ride. Every episode of the Biker Buildoff series featured a ride. It would really add an extra dynamic to the contest ensuring all entries are, in fact, usable motorcycles rather than purely showpieces. Heck, The Grand Canyon to Vegas is 300 miles. They could meet there in the awesome, notable scenery and make the run to Vegas proving their motorcycles have the grit to make it. Either way, a ride is a must.

  • Mike

    Matt Hotch, is still the Biker build-off champion..
    Why isn’t he in this build-off ???

  • Crystal

    RITA– i cannot seem to find the event on help??

  • Rick

    I think that the guys from fast N loud will win the competition .
    Paul Sr thinks he knows it all and jesse James acts like he is a tough guy .

  • Beverly

    I think the guys from fast and loud will win aaron seems ro know what he is talking about. PaulJr and Sr. can’t get along well enough to agree on anything. Not crazy about Jesse James

  • RITA
  • Wes

    Fast N Loud’s bling prank for PJD was right on the money. Jr and “Hair for Men” Vinnie don’t build anything they just bling. BTW – Other people do the blinging for them and they just attach the bling to a motorcycle.

  • Carl Swindell

    I’d like to see some form of the show keep going. I think Jr. Wold be good

  • DUGG

    Fast and Loud should win since they were the only team that actually finished within the time limit. I am sick of people bending the rules….that’s why they call them rules. Jesse James is such is turn-off it’s unbelievable that someone in TEXAS doesn’t kick his ass back to Cally where he belongs. Go Gas Monkeys!!! Those guys used their sweat and hands while PJ and Daddy use million-dollar water blasters to cut their fancy gas tanks and other crap…

  • Susane vass

    Jesse is a disgrace to dedicated people like jr and sr who honor rules yet work hard to bring new ideas to field! Go jr you have talent not looking for shore cuts! Jesse broke rules in life and most everything he has been involved in not a winner anywhere! Richard and Aaron. Keep trying guys need more exp. loved show

  • Susane vass

    Right person won. Yea jr!!!!

  • Dave

    It was really nice to see the Gas Monkey guys take second place with a bike that was something the average person could actually afford and even ride. What a concept. Paul JR deserved first place for the fabrication and creativity; credit where credits due.

    Paul SR brought out a Star Wars looking chunk of aluminum that was made by entering numbers into a CNC machine. The bike was the size of a moped and required little hand work. Jessie James is washed up and all talk. Nice bike… nearly 6 weeks late. The guy has done way too many cocaine lines in his time and should have been DQ’d by Discovery. Bad form on the part of the show to let him enter. Fail.

  • tommy

    so who came in 3rd and 4th? and what happend at the hard rock hotel with the fast and loud guys and jessie james any answers?

  • Harry

    Awesome show last night. However, Paul Sr will have to admit that his son is way better than his crew and his melodrama queen computer designer. Jessie James is not the bench mark anymore, he’s just a burned nut… Please retire already! Fast and Loud my guys, work for people like us not the money makers. Good job and keep coming strong. How about a build off in Puerto Rico guys! Tropic and grest models for the bikes. Just an idea…

  • dave smith

    Who came in third?

  • Jimmy Stewart

    Gas Monkey’s revamped late model shovel head is the only rider in the group. That said, those shovels will beat you down pretty good.
    Jesse, regardless of personality or whatever is the only guy that actually built almost all the sheet metal on his original chopper line as well as many frames and componenents. He hand fabricated many components of that thing he had last night
    I’ve owned Harley’s since 1973 except for a few years. I’ve never had any custom v twin. Ill probably just stick with them

  • robert fowler

    I think everybody built great bikes this time and I think everyone came in at the right spot but jrs bike was fatness! ! Wow poor Jessie James

  • Rick Blas

    What ever jesse james think about Gas monkey is not true they keep it nice and simple the show rocks and is fun to watch on the other hand the teutul build good stuff but im not into drama.