Transport Canada has announced a recall for the 2012 Honda NC700X and (Edit: the recall now includes the NC700S, which is also available in Canada). At this point, the recall is only for the X model and only in Canada, but a similar recall may come from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the U.S.-spec Honda NC700X.

According to Transport Canada, the outer plates on the links of the drive chain may not have received proper heat treatment. As a result, the drive chain may break during use. Should this happen while the motorcycle is in motion, the motorcycle would suddenly lose drive force, potentially leading to a crash.

Honda Canada dealers will inspect the drive chains on NC700X units and, if necessary, replace the drive chains with ones that received the proper heat treatment. The Transport Canada recall affects 440 units. will continue to monitor story and determine if the recall will also affect NC700X in the U.S.

[Source: Transport Canada]

  • B Seidem

    They should have used a belt with an idler pulley instead of a chain anyway.

  • Charly

    Actually, why stick with out dated technology and go directly to the drive system found on all the best bikes…drive shaft. You wouldn’t buy a care with a chain or belt drive so why a bike?

  • Dale Ordes

    Was this a step backward? Honda already had a shaft drive 700 — the 2010 NT700V, otherwise known for ten years in Europe as the Deauville. They scrapped this fine model to come up with the cheaper NC700X and S to meet a price point under 10K, but when you strapped bags, etc, on the 700 X or S, it costs the same or more than the the NT 700V, where everything was built-in and included. So now they are left with imperfect chains. Too bad. My NT 700V has a SHAFT DRIVE. Bring back the Deauville.