Husqvarna has announced U.S. prices for its new TR650 streetbikes. The 2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra dual-sport will be available for$6,999 while its more street-going sibling the Strada will be priced at $7,499.

At those prices, the TR650 are actually priced lower than Husqvarna‘s current TE series dual sports line. For 2013, Husqvarna has priced  the TE310R at $8,399, the TE449 at $8,599 and the TE511 at $8,999, making the TR650 models significantly cheaper despite having a displacement advantage of at least 174cc.

The difference of course is the TR650 Strada and Terra are designed primarily to be street bikes whereas the TE models are off-road bikes converted to be street legal. EiC Kevin Duke has tested both TR650 models at their press launch and we should have a full review available shortly.

The two new Husqvarna models are equipped with fuel-injected 652cc DOHC single-cylinder engines derived from parent company BMW‘s G650GS. Husqvarna says the engine has been tweaked to produce 58 hp at 7250 rpm, about 8 hp more than the G650GS claims. Like the G650GS, the TR650 engine claims 44 ft-lb. but the torque peaks out a bit later at 5750 rpm instead of 5000 rpm.

Beyond the engine, the two TR650 models share the same split-backbone tubular steel frame, upside down forks and progressive linkage rear shock.

The TR650 Terra, pictured here, comes equipped with wire spoke wheels (21-inches up front and 18-inches at the rear) and an off-road style front fender. Husqvarna claims a weight of 410 pounds for a fully-fueled Terra.

The Strada version comes with ten-spoke light-alloy cast wheels (19-inch front and 17-inch rear) and a more conventional streetbike fender. The U.S.-spec Strada will also come standard with disengageable ABS. Husqvarna claims the TR650 Strada weighs in at 414 pounds, fully-fueled.

“We’re very excited to have the TR650 Terra and Strada arriving so soon,” says Corey Eastman, marketing manager for Husqvarna Motorcycles North America. “The Terra and Strada will really open up the Husqvarna brand to a wider audience, since we can now offer street-legal bikes to the core off-road riders with the TE line, and also offer the TR650 for the more casual, practical outdoorsmen. The competitive pricing will also open up the appeal of the Terra and Strada – classic dual-purpose motorcycles with modern technology, fresh styling and a modest price tag are hard to resist!”

Expect the 2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra to arrive in late September with the Husqvarna TR650 Strada to follow soon after.

[Source: Husqvarna]

  • Alfy

    Excellent price for a dual sport! Looks good too. That puts it in the ball park with the aging XR650L, the DR650Se and the KLR650 price wise, and it costs lot less than the KTM690. It appears that the components are more KTM like as well (fork, etc.). It looks pretty nicely equipped for this kind of money. However, where is it assembled? A Euro bike this inexpensive would lead me to believe that it is assembled in SE Asia like some other Beemers. I hope the quality is good (I am sure the engineering is, but the assembly?). I would consider buying one to replace my aging KLR but there is no dealer in my area. Finally what about spare parts availability>

  • Alfy

    One more thing: another US magazine has an article this month about a street legal DP Husqvarna with a 2 stroke 300cc engine possibly being commercialized in the near future. They manage to reduce the emissions to an acceptable level using direct injection. BMW/Husqvarna are on a roll for sure – a road legal 2-stroke, wow!. If only they could expand their dealer network.