Untold thousands of motorcyclists from around the world have converged in South Dakota for the 72nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Of course, Motorcycle.com made the trip to cover the most storied motorcycle rally in the world.

We rode up from Southern California on a Victory Hard-Ball we outfitted with a host of accessories from the Victory catalog, including a wind-blocking batwing fairing. We’ll have a four-part series on our project, the long ride to Sturgis and the event itself in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can enjoy this photo essay of some of the things we’ve seen in Sturgis.

Durango and Silverton Train

The Durango and Silverton line heats up for another ride.

Victory at Buffalo Chip Black Hills Rally

Arriving at the Buffalo Chip for the 2012 Black Hills Rally.

Sturgis Concert Motorcycles

Where else on earth can you ride your bike into a concert? Nowhere!

Deadwood Legends Ride

The Legends Ride in Deadwood had a strong showing.

Buffalo Chip Music

With headliners like Sublime, Slash, Boston, Eric Church and Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Buffalo Chip is like Woodstock for bikers!

Lazelle Street Sturgis

On Lazelle Street, Victory and Indian Motorcycles have a scale model of the main Buffalo Chip stage, with live blues and rockabilly from Michael Holt and the Trophy 500’s.

Gunny Addresses Crowd at Victory Owners Ride

Gunny addresses the media and attendees at the annual Victory Owners Ride in Deadwood.

Victory Owners Ride Ness Family

With three generations of the Ness family leading the ride, there’s not only eye candy to see at the Victory Owners Ride, but also great people to meet!

  • Joan Sabula

    Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  • Brickley

    Where on earth can you ride your bike right into the concert? Try the Redwood Run, Piercy, Ca. ‘Last of the old school rally’s’!!

  • Greg T – Tucson,AZ

    Great Pic’s. Rode mine 1300+ miles to join the party of a lifetime at Sturgis. Someone said a “Woodstock for Bikers”. Sunday to Sunday camping, I did. I saw it all. To bad I can’t tell the good stuff here. I’m going back every year im able. *** LOVE STURGIS ***

  • Michael Holt

    Man it was a great week for us! Really great hanging out with you this year for sure! I appreciate the pics and the shout out here and hope to do it again next year. The fans and shows were off the chain and I made great new friends this year and hope to see everyone back again next year! Keep up the good work bro!