Remember that video on YouTube about the rider going 185 mph on a highway in Canada? The video went viral and eventually led to the seizure of a Yamaha R1 and $1,449 (Canadian) in traffic tickets issued to its owner.

In April, police in Saanich, British Columbia believed they had enough evidence to seize the R1 and issued tickets to the registered owner for speeding, operating without due care and attention, and operating without insurance. Police were not able to lay more serious charges against the rider because there wasn’t enough evidence to identify the individual, believed to be the son of the registered owner.

After several months, police have now issued a warrant for Randy George Scott, a 25-year-old who allegedly rode the Yamaha sportbike in the video. According to Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen, investigators proceeded with charges of dangerous driving after receiving information from witnesses.

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“That was pared down to three critical witnesses that our officers felt provided the best information,” Jantzen told the Victoria Times Colonist. “That was information that connected the rider to the bike to the incident.”

Police are now searching for Scott. In April, police said the alleged rider in the video has had his license suspended five times on 27 prior traffic offenses.

[Source: Victoria Times Colonist]

  • Brian

    yamaha needs to pick this kid up, put him on a track and see what he’s got. And his license needs to be suspended for motorcycle class for at least a year. Arrest him, i think that’s a little bit much, as long as no one was hurt when he was being stupid, but fines, community service, and no license would most likely straighten him out.

  • They will still need to arrest him if they want to issue fines and community service and suspend his license.

  • bira

    I seriously doubt the man was actually going 185mph even thought the indicated speed was 299kph. Speedos on bikes are notoriously optimistic, likely at least 6%; granted, 174mph is also WAY too fast for the highway and likely makes no difference in the charges. Personally, without proof-positive on who was actually riding the bike, I don’t see how you can convict!

  • Charles

    The police should let us know why he rode his bike that way andwhere he learned to ride. Looks like he has some skills. Maybe they could help him find a place to ride, atleast for amateurs. I guess there is no way around some jail time but maybe some community service such as a rider safety course would make sense. Maybe he could teach some about the motorcycle as well.

  • Dre

    There is no way they can prove who rode the bike, in other words he cannot be convicted, they are trying to scare him to turn him self in and admit what he did.. anybody with an R1 and some balls can do 185mph on a straight away, i bet this kid would be left in the dust on the track

  • Lew

    “arrest him . . . A bit much” ? If i fired a gun into a crowd and didn’t hit anybody, I guess that would be OK too. After all, nobody was hurt.
    Burn the kid. He prejudices other road users against motorcyclists with his stupidity, making it easier to pass laws against bikes and their riders.

  • Pat

    The cops don’t mind when I do this on Grand Theft Auto.

  • momule

    I don’t believe they should even sell bikes to the general public that will go that fast. There is no way to justify it and a dumb ass, live forever kid will drive it balls to the wall if he thinks he’ll get away with it. Make an example of him and hang is butt from a tall Canadian tree.

  • shinytoys

    It’s one thing to do it, it’s another thing to record it. Run the camera and pay the price. Split lanes like that and pay the reaper.

  • Carlos

    I ride bikes so not against riders but this guy is an idiot & a huge hazard to all on the road. What if he were to hit another motorcyclist? He’d kill the driver no doubt, a car, maybe but he would die for sure. This is a ego trip. My opinion is it should be treated w/ the same fines & penalties as a DUI. Make it hurt for a while, not return the license to drive a bike for a year. If you think you can drive take it to the track, you’re making it easy for those in power to regulate our sport/choice to ride harder to maintain our freedoms. This person doesn’t care about the rest of us, don’t support him, he’s a hazard at best.

  • Roni

    In the article it said they have 3 witnesses that can put him on the bike while he was acting like an idiot. If police want him to confess, they should play a little game and arrest his mom since everything is in her name. They should arrest her and pretend they are charging her for everything. Then tell her son that she has been arrested for driving over 180 mph on the freeway. Basically arrest the mom for being the one that went over 180 mph on the bike. If he was a good son he would confess it was him on the bike and not his mother. I would hope that he would do everything he can to get his mom out of jail. Maybe it would work or maybe not. Just a thought.

  • Roni

    I wonder what kind of laws Canada has. Like “exhibition of speed” or “wrecklass driving.” Right I can’t remember the names or content with some laws here in USA. I think one says something about a deadly weapon; and what he was doing definately constitute his bike as a deadly weapon. I wonder how the involuntary manslaughter law is written. Could he be charged with attempt to commit homicide? Probably not because there is no intent/ motive. He was showing how stupid he is. He is extremely lucky that no car decided to change lanes because he could of been paralyzed (or brain dead)or the more likely result is taking a dirt nap. A six foot under dirt nap.

  • Cristian

    “Sorry, the SIUTXIsJz3o file is not supported for 5.0 (Macintosh)”….

  • JonL

    299kmh is the highest speedo’s read. I and several mates have seen these numbers (trackdays…..ahem), but all they mean is you’re going quick. Actual speed….around 170-175 mph. Things happen awful fast at those speeds, so, better not to do them on an occupied highway…..