The latest spy photo of Ducati‘s upcoming 848-engined model continues to muddle the debate as to whether the new motorcycle is a Hypermotard or a Multistrada.

The new model appears to blend elements of the two existing bikes with the liquid-cooled Testastretta 11° engine and an all-new frame. What will likely emerge is a new model with a couple of variations, a sport version and a touring version,

This latest picture (the one shown below the jump has been tweaked for better contrast and a bit of sharpening) reveals the new side-mounted exhaust design and Ohlins suspension. The wheels also appear different than the ones in the earliest spy photo which appear to have been borrowed from a Multistrada. The new wheels appear to be a three-spoke design with each spoke separating again into three.

Whether the new model is a Hypermotard 848 or a Multistrada 848 (Hyperstrada?), expect the official unveiling around November at the 2012 EICMA show in Milan.


  • Xavier

    In my opinion, several facts denote that this is definitely the new version on the Hypermotard:
    – Very short “tail” of the bike, making the rear sit almost testimonial, therefore not suitable for long rides with 2 passengers.
    – Again the short end of the bike; where do you hang the sidecases from – even with the proper racks they would sit where passenger’s legs a supposed to be.
    – Although not seen in here, but from other spy shots, the lack of a proper screen shield and more protection in the front, leaving the chest exposed to the air makes it again unsuited for long cruises.
    – Distance between wheels seems to be too short (this definitely is a perception!!).

    Again, this my opinion and would love to see a mini-Multistrada myself, but they are 2 different worlds appart in concept.

  • tapieromateo

    I, On the other hand think this is a smaller multistrada
    1. Compete with the tiger 800 and f800gs
    2. Look at the electro-hydraulic suspension thingy. the hyper doesn’t need that kind of aids.
    3. gas tank is too large for a hyper
    4. front beak is larger.
    5. it has actuall mirrors, not like the hyper, that has the bar-end…

    just my two cents.