The bulk of the 2013 Harley-Davidson model lineup has been revealed in documents released by the California Air Resources Board. While this is a fairly lengthy list of models, it may not be complete as Harley-Davidson sometimes saves a couple of new model announcements for later in the year.

Most of the models revealed are returning models but there are a couple of omissions as well as several additions, including new anniversary models celebrating Harley-Davidson’s upcoming 110th anniversary.

The list includes three new models, including two additions to the Custom Vehicle Operations line. The Road King gets the CVO treatment next year as does a new model called the CVO Softail Breakout. There isn’t any information on the Softail Breakout except that it will use the 110ci (1802cc) engine like all the other CVO models. Another addition is the Street Bob NGP which also gets Harley-Davidson’s 103ci (1687cc) engine while the regular Street Bob will use the 96 ci (1584cc). Beyond that, it’s not clear what separates the NGP from the base version.

The CARB documents also list nine Anniversary Editions based on several existing models. These include the 1200 Custom Sportster, the Super Glide Custom from the Dyna family, Fat Boy Lo and Heritage Softail Classic from the Softail line, the Road King and Electra Glide Ultra Limited from the Touring family, and the Tri Glide Ultra Classic Trike. Also listed are two anniversary edition models from Harley-Davidson’s CVO line, the CVO Road King and CVO Road Glide Custom.

Absent from the 2013 model listings are the CVO Street Glide and CVO Softail Convertible, and the  Nightster from the Sportster family.

2013 Harley-Davidson CVO Lineup
CVO Road Glide Custom
CVO Road Glide Custom Anniversary Edition
CVO Road King
CVO Road King Anniversary Edition
CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide
CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide Anniversary Edition
CVO Softail Breakout

2013 Harley-Davidson Sportster Lineup
Iron 883
1200 Custom
1200 Custom Anniversary Edition
XL1200 Custom

2013 Harley-Davidson Dyna Lineup
Street Bob
Street Bob NGP
Super Glide Custom
Super Glide Custom Anniversary Edition
Fat Bob 103
Switchback 103
Wide Glide 103

2013 Harley-Davidson Softail Lineup
Blackline 103
Softail Slim 103
Fat Boy Lo/Special 103
Fat Boy Lo/Special 103 Anniversary Edition
Fat Boy 103
Softail Deluxe 103
Heritage Softail Classic 103
Heritage Softail Classic 103 Anniversary Edition

2013 Harley-Davidson Touring Lineup
Electra Glide Classic
Electra Glide Police
Road Glide Custom
Road Glide Ultra
Road King
Road King Anniversary Edition
Road King Classic
Road King Police
Road King Shrine
Street Glide
Ultra Classic Electra Glide
Ultra Classic Electra Glide Shrine
Electra Glide Ultra Limited
Electra Glide Ultra Limited Anniversary Edition

2013 Harley-Davidson Trike Lineup
Tri Glide Ultra Classic
Tri Glide Ultra Classic Anniversary Edition

2013 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Lineup
Night Rod Special
V-Rod Muscle

[Source: California Air Resources Board]

  • garry cunninhgham

    ive battled cancer,had a heart attack all between 07 and 08.tryed to save for a harley. too no avail. some day soon. some day soon.

  • Johnny Trigger

    Garry, I hope you some day get to buy that Harley you want. I have to commend you on doing it the old fashioned way and buying it with money saved up and when you can afford it. too many now a days buy things they can’t really afford and end up in financial trouble.

    I got hurt overseas and it took many years of surgeries to fix me up. So I understand what you are going through.

    You may want to consider going on craig’s list finding a bike that someone has to sell and saving some big bucks that way. Every Harley I have bought over the yrs has been used. I buy it, take the motor apart if necessary rebuild it with strong parts, give it some more HP and torque, and change things to make it a one of a kind. My current bike gets the nod from HD lovers, classic car lovers and even sport bike riders compliment it.

    The best part is the money you save can be used to make immediate improvements and then you can slowly make changes as funds become available.

    And because I have made major changes to customize it it means far more to me than any stock new bike.

    Anyhow, Garry I wish you the best of luck and with a bit of creativity and passion you will realize your dreams. Riding a motorcycle ANY motorcycle is such a great feeling.


  • eddie

    Great news goin to wis for the unvailing going to be puchasing a road king

  • colin

    Good for you Garry I too saved and paid cash for all my harleys i have ridden over the years, even when my kid was young i took it all apart and parked (85 wide glide) it for 8 years just so i could spend quality time with him. The only way to buy a harley is cash so you can say you own it. Good luck

  • Nick

    Hi all,
    I’ve been saving money to by my 1st Harley for over a decade now. I’m finally at the point where I can afford to get one. Unfortunately it appears I am a year too late. After doing some research the bike I fell in love with is the 2011 red Rocker C. It seems they are an exclusive item and very hard if not impossible to find new. I would prefer a new one but I don’t need it to be as I am going to break it down and customize it anyway. Does anybody know if HD will re-introduce it for 2013?


    I had a 2010 H/D trike.LOADED!!!Wife came down with CNNCER,Asked Harley to assist me on payments. I WAS NOT in arrears,WAS ahead 3 weeks.I made the payments high to get it paid off fast.Did NOT expect the CANCER,Took wife to MD ANDERSON for treatment. It cost ALL our life savings.After 3rd call to Harley I was told they DO NOT do that sort of thing,(HELP I mean).Told H/D to come get trike as I could no longer afford to pay for it. They actually came that very day.All I can say is this. HARLEY DAVIDSON FINANCE you can KISS MY DIRTY ASS

  • Martin Lord

    Ouch! The XR-1200 is gone??? That is a shame.

  • Harleygirl4ever

    Found this link on the internet if you want to know the new colors and pin-striping.

  • Tom Rabideau

    Will H-D for 2013 be doing anything to eliminate the heat problem from the rear cylinder.

  • Paco

    @Tom Rabideau, dude where do u live, under a rock? Harley already addressed that issue years ago. On certain 2007 models, harley incorporated a eitms or engine idle temperature strategy. When the engine gets to a certain high temp the rear cyclinder cuts the fuel and firing at idle or when you are stopped, and the rear cyclinder just pumps air to cool the engine. Just blip the throttle and fuel and air resumes and the engine runs normal. I have it on my 2012 RGC

  • Frank Wagner Bisson

    I liked very much all motorcycles 2013 series .How about C.V.O. Springer 2013 to Brasil?..Why not?
    I hope any answer as soon as possible
    Tans for all

  • Ben Lee

    I hurried & paid off my 2008 Road King(one of three bikes I colud fit on at the time) Sat one the new frames 7 can finally fit on dressers. After I heard rumors for 2013 NO EXHAUST changes after purchasing your bike , I hurred & purchased a 2011 Limited , YEAH I can fit. I was wondering what are new regs from CARB for 2013 Bikes THE FACTS!!!!

  • BATT

    Harley Davidson is trying to loading more features and more capacity to the bikes while pricing is still more affordable on today’s economy. That means more volume can be expected with acceptable less margin. However, I guess there is a plenty of margin space to play around in the next decade till competitor brands will be able to catch up then.