The Yamaha XT250 dual sport is getting a fuel injection system for the 2013 model year, replacing the previous model’s 33mm Teikei carburetor.

Apart from fuel injection and new graphics, the only other changes are a new TCI ignition system in place of the 2012 model’s CDI ignition, and a slightly larger gas tank (2.6 gallons versus 2.4 gallons on last year’s model). The 249cc air-cooled SOHC engine and five-speed transmission remains unchanged.

Suspension is still provided by a 35mm telescopic fork with 8.9-inches of travel and a swingarm with rebound-adjustable monoshock with 7.1-inches of travel. Braking is provided by 245mm front and 203mm rear disc brakes.

The new fuel injection system adds a slight boost to fuel economy with Yamaha claiming the 2013 XT250 gets 76 mpg compared to the 2012 model’s 73 mpg claim.

The 2013 Yamaha XT250 will be available this month for $5190 in white with blue graphics. This represents a $100 increase from the carbureted 2012 model (in contrast, Kawasaki raised the price of its Ninja 250R by $200 for 2012 but still isn’t offering fuel-injection for the U.S. version. Just saying.)

Yamaha also announced a number of other returning models for 2013, with just color and graphical updates from their previous model year versions. These returning models include the YZ450F,YZ250F, YZ250, YZ125, YZ85 motocross bikes, the WR250F off-road bike, the WR250R dual-sport, the Zuma 125 and Zuma 50F scooters and the Star V-Star Custom cruiser.

[Source: Yamaha]

  • Dauntlessdave

    Noooooooo!!! I just bought the 2012 model 2 months ago. I would DEFINITELY pay $100 for fuel injection. I could eat my hat.

  • Jim-bo-san

    Just bought 2013 XT 250 w/fi. Have 70 miles on unit. Sounds like a lot of piston slap in engine. Front tire lugs give bars a hi freq. vibration and makes your hands go numb. Has a monkey butt seat and my butt goes monkey in 30 miles. Parts very late in getting into catalog as the new cats. are not produced yet, OEM or Aftermarket. Not much on the internet as well. Gonna need some mods and I’m thinking, seat, cargo brkt., vib. mounts for bars. I’m 65, live in Leavenworth, Wa. ride roads, trails, single track.
    Have had xt 225 so the comparison is on after I get the 1600 mile break in done. Sure did like the 225 and my feet set flat footed on the ground, on both bikes. Will write more as time permits.

  • Jim-bo-san

    One more thing: The fuel inj. gets this thing started in 1 or 2 revs..

  • Chris

    Jim-Bo-San if u could get a dual sport now , what would it be? Iam 40 and was looking at the xt250 but after reading ur post Iam not sure. I like riding in woods but will use it for work.

  • Chris

    I just want a dual sport good in the woods. Can anyone help please.

  • GuitarDave

    Lots of folks complain of monkeybutt & hands going numb on every bike.
    I’ve had a XT225 (The XT250 is it’s successor)
    for a few years now. I often ride 100 miles or so on a Sat or Sun without crying like a little girl. (80-120 miles)
    The XT225 is one of the lightest weight, best built,
    most reliable, easiest to maintain dual sports on the entire planet.
    It is used by police and military around the globe!
    The Shri-Lanka Military hunts terrorists in the jungle on them 2-up! (2 riders, 1 drives, the mans his AK47)
    The Las Vegas Police use them.
    Korean Police ride them 2-up all day long.
    I am sure that Yamaha learned a lot in the 21 years they made the XT225 and Im POSITIVE the new XT250 will continue
    the legacy without missing a beat.

    If my XT225 ever gets wrecked (because I’m sure not gonna be able to wear it out), I’d buy a new XT250 in a second!

    It’s my first of 2 bikes and the most fun bike I own.
    Any of the larger dual purpose bikes are too large for the trai. The XT225 & XT250 are perfect for the trail,
    and still fast enough for the higway for short jaunts.
    My 225 will hit 73mph or so carrying my 175 lbs,
    (probably well over 200lbs with full gear & a tail bag)
    If you ever find yourself upside down, alone in the woods with your bike lying on top of you, you will thank God
    if it’s an XT225 or 250 instead of a KLR60.
    It could mean the difference between pushing the 238lb XT225 off of you, or dying underneath your DR650 or KLR650.
    Just a little something to consider….
    Hope this helps. Have Fun!

  • GuitarDave

    Oh yeah,
    I’m 52 years old and have 2 badly ruptured discs in my lower back.
    I LOVE my XT225’s suspension on the street.
    It sucks up Buffalo NY pot-holes like they weren’t even there.
    And NO, I don’t own stock in, or work for Yamaha.
    I just love the sh*t outta that little bike.

    An Asian woman circumnavigated the globe on one,
    and “Lois On The Loose” (google her)
    rode the entire North American continent on one to the
    tip of Argentina. ALONE…with no support.
    I could go on…. but I won’t… LOL 🙂