Not long after Honda launched its ultra low-cost Dream Yuga in India, Yamaha announced it is considering a new own model that will be nearly 40% cheaper.

The 109cc Dream Yuga is Honda‘s latest weapon in the battle for India’s 13-million unit per year motorcycle market. Priced at 44,642 Indian rupees (US$806), the Dream Yuga is the most affordable Honda model available in India.

Yamaha already offers a model at a lower price, the 106cc Crux (pictured above) at 38,365 rupees (US$693) but plans are underway for an even cheaper model priced under 27,500 rupees (US$497). Hiroyuki Suzuki, chief executive officer and managing director of India Yamaha Motor tells the Hindustan Times the company plans to offer the new model in India and Africa.“Our product benchmark right now (on cost) is the YBR 110 and Crux, but we would like to develop a bike in the low-cost segment for markets like Africa,” says Suzuki. “The target is to make a bike that will cost $50. I think such a bike will have a lot of demand in Africa as well as in India.”

At 27,500 rupees, this new model would be the least expensive motorcycle in India, lower than the current benchmark, the 36,300 rupee (US$656) Hero CD Dawn.

[Source: Hindustan Times]

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  • I want to buy one in the US!

  • Eric

    Wish we had access to bikes at that price (or more realistically, two or three times that price). I think it’d be a great way to make riding more appealing to young people, making motorcycles more accessible (price), low displacement perfect for a beginner. Plus the headaches eliminated by virtue of it being a brand new bike. If I had been interested in bikes as a teen, here’s what would have happened. I would have found the first used bike I could afford that ran. A $800 rust bucket lets say, with a myriad of problems, questionable drum brakes and rusty cables, worn out dry rotted tires, etc. But I’d be 17 and would not have the sense nor experience to make sure those repairs were done, nor know they were needed at all. Either resulting in personal injury or a sore spot in my Dad’s garage.

    If I had access to bikes as cheap as this, I know I would have been mowing a lot more lawns and playing a lot less Nintendo!

    We still have reasonably priced bikes like the CBR250 or Ninja 250. Those go for around $4k at a dealer most of the time. When I was a teen, $4k may as well have been $4 billion, unthinkable money. Used always an option, but as said before,those come with pitfalls sometimes.

    America needs at least one dirt cheap bike out there to spark the interest in teens. How many of our Dads started riding CB125s or Honda Cubs?

  • Rusty

    Wonderful post by Eric.
    I’m now going on my 6 decade of life, and as previously stated, in order to get kids away from X-box and outside, our industry needs to give them a safe and reliable gasoline powered stepping stone.
    I’m a fairly competent long distance rider myself. But how did I start out at the age of only 11 ??
    On a 3hp Briggs and Stratton Mini-Bike(purchased new)that was given to me by my “long time” Favorite uncle.
    My Mom (my Uncles sister) absolutely hated him for it.
    Did I ever have a mis-hap ? Well of course. But flying on a rural road at a whopping 30 mph, really doesnt endanger one too, terribly. (I know. Another entire discussion could be started on that one statement alone.)
    From the Mini-Bike, I went on (in time) to a Honda Super 90, an CB350 and then an XL250. Man I still wish I had that one. Out of college it was then the Suzuki PE-250, an XR-650R, and then my a long line of various Sport and Luxury Touring bikes. Mostly BMW’s.
    The point is, start out Small, Affordable, and Reliable.
    And I promise that the buying public of the industries future will start at the ages of 12 thru 14. Not waiting until they are in their 40’s with finally some disposable income.
    Wake up Manufacturers. Start out earlier with you Market Sectors.
    …”Build it, and they will come!” …

  • sandmacker

    The original purpose of motorcycling was to give to the masses a cheap affordable and reliable mode of Transport .

    Motorcycling in it’s purest form .
    With the price of petrol going through the roof , and wages not following suit , a bike like this could well rejuvenate the MC industry , and put some cash in our pockets , so we can enjoy our bigger MC’s more often ,
    Love the concept , love the bike
    But how much in Aust? At $500 , I’d buy one tomorrow

  • cameron

    Wow its even a fairly good looking bike