Motorcycle aficionado and owner of GP Motorcycles, a San Diego dealership specializing in European manufacturers, Paul Lima, suffered a paralyzing crash while riding an MX bike on April 4th. Following a 9-hour surgery to realign and stabilize his back, Paul is recovering well and undergoing rehabilitation. Paul has health coverage, but the costs not covered by insurance are mounting and the Lima family can use any help benevolent motorcyclists can afford.

A PayPal account has been setup to accept donations and you can follow his and the family’s progress on the their Facebook page.

We recently attended a track day sponsored by GP Motorcycles and Moto Forza, and interviewed Paul and his business partner and friend, Balz Renggli. A quote in the interview from Paul sums up his dedication to his customers and the sport of motorcycling, “We are enthusiast shops starting from desire rather than profit,” says Lima.

Please pledge something if you’re in a position to, if not, please forward to someone who possibly can.