Cardo Systems has released a new motorcycle helmet communication system that lets riders talk to up to eight others within a one mile radius.

The new Cardo scala rider G9 bike-to-bike communication system features a new intercom toggling mode Cardo calls “One+8“. G9 users can switch channels to speak individually with up to eight other G9 users using voice commands. Users can assign a rider’s name to a channel, and automatically switch to that person’s name by speaking his name.

The scala rider G9 also allows four-way intercom conferencing and Cardo’s “Click-to-Link” system to create spontaneous connections with passing riders using Cardo communication systems. The G9 also uses “Flash Pairing” to quickly form connections just by bumping two headset units together.

The G9 can also connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cell phones and GPS navigation systems. Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players can also stream music to the headset, and a built-in FM tuner lets users listen to their favorite stations.

According to Cardo, the scala rider G9’s battery provides 12 hours of talk time and seven days of standby time. Charging the battery takes about three hours.

“The scala rider G9 gives next-generation motorcycle communication system capabilities to today’s riders,” says Abraham Glezerman, chief executive officer of Cardo. “As a communications technology pioneer, Cardo Systems leverages a decade of experience and road-testing to deliver groundbreaking new capabilities that enhance the rider experience. From the simplified bump pairing to the improved speakers and ability to control initiation of music and talk by voice, among many other features, the scala rider G9 sets the new standard again to bring the best rider experience to motorcyclists.”

[Source: Cardo]