On May 8 Discovery Channel will premiere its latest reality-based show, The Devils Ride.

Billed as a “rare look” inside a “real motorcycle club,” the documentary-style program chronicles the culture and interactions of members of the San Diego, Calif.-based Laffing Devils motorcycle club.

Cruise the public comments posted in the two The Devils Ride YouTube trailers, and it seems a question at hand is whether or not the world is ready for another motorcycle-based reality program.  As one poster said, “No real MC would ever let this [expletive deleted] fly.”

Who’s to know the source of these posts (rival motorcycle club members, disenfranchised viewers, etc.). Nevertheless, a good deal of the comments about the show reveal that commenters question the authenticity of the club and its motives for participating in the documentation of its culture.

The Devils Ride is set to air Tuesday, May 8 at 10:00 p.m. Pacific on Discovery Channel.

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  • Rogue

    This show and the “Gang” in it are a joke! Biggest gang is souuther Cal. Talk to the Hells Angels about that one.

  • The Bean

    Responding to “Rogue”. First of all you need to learn how to spell, before posting any more ignorant comments. Second, for all you yuppies that are posting comments about a real MC that you know nothing about, Do your homework ask around. These guys are for real, I know you probably feel really safe sitting at home talking smack! Come out to SO Cal and ask somebody? Keep doing your Thang L.D. M/C. alott of ignorant haters. And if you got the balls to aproach a 81 member Or any MC for that matter in SO CAL you will find out the L.D’s. are ledgit!!!

  • ron

    these guys are a bunch of goofballs. anyone thinking that these clowns are a bunch of opportunists are idiots. they are the new kardashians

  • GreenMtnHunter

    Bean: “…learn to spell…” ? Too funny!
    At ant rate, I saw the first show; ron’s comment seem to hit the target….

  • John A. Stockman

    Yup, another so-called “reality” show about motorcycling. There’s a huge difference between
    “motorcyclists” and “bikers”. If you want to know the real difference, read one of the recent write-ups by Fred Rau in Motorcycle Consumer News. Mr. Rau HAS the credibilty, something I see none of coming from shows like this. Remember, it’s not “reality” if you know the cameras are there, period. You want to know about folks who ride and aren’t poseurs, care about their skills, practice said skills regularly and wear their “kit”, watch something like Cafe Racers, On Any Sunday or the Isle of Man TT show on Discovery Theater. The marginalization and denigration of motorcyclists are just being continued with this drivel. And don’t tell me I “don’t know” or “don’t get it”. I ride motorcycles, have a physical disability and have experienced much to be able to ride and continue to do so. I’ve gone through a lot more challenges, pain, and suffering to be able to ride than some of those clowns-without-make-up. And I’m not referring to just this show. I’ll give anything about motorcycles a chance, but this is just more psuedo-reality tripe that all riders have to live down. Especially when dealing with folks that don’t ride, will never ride and have a disdain for those that do and want to see us off the road completely.

  • Chris

    OHHH no, big tall hairy smelly bike builder puts his hand on his shoulder and says you better get it done. You better take a shower bitch. This show really is gay as are the guys in it. Wear some leather and all the same colors and all of a sudden they are tough guys. Last I checked, Red Lobster employees wear the same colors as well but I am not afraid of them.

  • Matt the Kid

    I have two giant screaming devil heads tattooed on my chest. I was recently at the old school biker rodeo in brooksville fl. Someone pointed at my tatts and asked if I was a laffing devil. I had no idea what she was talking about but she wanted to take pictures of the ink. I’ve had my tatts for years, now that I watch the show, do I need club permission to go out in public with no shirt and/or will this cause me trouble with other clubs? WTF do I do? I attend a lot of motorcycle events, never had trouble before but now I’m a little freaked about it. Can some one get back to me?

  • Laff my a** off

    These jackasses have more in common with the mickey mouse club than some MC – Any man that is so weak and fearful (that is what is at the core) that he wants to be with a bunch of scared lil rabbits parading as “men” is bereft of what life really has to offer – A real man dos not need a gang or a club – a real man walks with God.

  • I don’t know if it is real or not. If it is, I don’t see how Gypsie would walk away from his club that he founded instead of putting the young guys in their place. It’s your club. You founded it. Get them in line, especially that Sgt. At Arms. He is supposed to be the one who enforces the will of the Prez. He is just acting like an idiot like the rest of them. The Prez just stands there and bitches to the camera later.



  • I am not a Biker.I grew up around a local HA Chapter.The thought of someone Screwing a Bike builder who also happens to be a Chapter President out of Five Thousand Dollars shows you how fake this Show is.Especially the part of contracting it out to another Club,like the HA need help.
    Also, the Guy saying your a long way from Rusty is another example.

  • Sweet g

    I watched the show w/ my husband. It makes me laugh (oops – LAFF) to see grown men playing like a bunch of little girls in their mother’s closet. Sure they put on the outfits, assign eachother roles and say/do all the things they think they’re supposed to but in the end, they are just playing a game. Silly, silly boys………take your toys, go home and act like real, grown-up men.

  • Kirbysmusclecar

    I love to watch any biker or automotive show, but as a active member of high performance automotive and motorcycle craftsmanship in my area. This is the worst I have seen, members of any club talking down on former officer or founding father is just ridiculous. Get some pride and honor towards your fellow members than act like a club. I have seen random members of my customer clubs pay big bucks for addictive work done to their rides. Really pretty sad on how they hold their selves with drama of the camera. Loyalty goes a lot farther than just a position held in a simple club. I give all props towards all So-cal groups but to be so dishonest and disloyal is out of any real likings period.

  • slim

    Prez Billy is a poser/douchebag. This club at least needs to get rid of that leadership. Snubs too. They lost all cred when kicked out Gypsy.

  • I am so over this show. Bunch of posers acting like bikers acting like posers. They really have embarassed themselves on this one. If they knew what was good for themselves they would call it quits right now. Not do another season and beg San Diego MC’s for forgiveness. Not that the will get it but better to tuck tail now and hope the world forgets. Not that it will.

  • GARY

    Prez Billy you are a fucking joke if i had a VP to come to a bike event like a bike race. you need to strip of colors whip his fucking ass get him a new dress and put him on the street for sale, but being the big pussy you are you will probably give a handjob and that will be it. the waay you are Gypsy you need to have your color ripped off and the fuck beat out of you. if u wanna be a real biker go run with some big boys.

  • Scott

    Wow – fucking wow- how gay can you make bikers – bitch ass fags

  • Vulcan 900

    I like this show and the Sons of Anarchy because is give the public a small peak into how these Motorcycle clubs operate. These type of organizations can be criminal in nature. The Laughing Devils are not the “HA”, but club members have a level of respect for each other, a “brother hood“, you watch my back and I will watch yours, and will “take care of business” as Tank showed by thrashing around the a camera man trying to film the clubs old ladies in one epasode. The life of a biker starts as a hang around, then to the prospects, then they graduate to a full member. What I get from this program is what the life of a biker would be like, I don’t stand in judgment of them.

  • richard

    Laughing Devils are not trying to impress anyone so your first mistake is acting as if they care what you think. your second mistake is saying they are supoosed to be compared to any other M.C. . Clearly they are orginal -and a brother hood. What they do is their own business let’s see you go around driving with your buddies on T.V. claiming a M.C. anything get your name and face out there.. These other M.C. clubs will do the checking on you.. Laughing Devils like em our dont, atleast they got balls to say here we are.. Send em your phone number a video -address- and then if they want to say what they think about you they can respond.. M.C. clubs usually have Military peeps so should not disrespect any one. What they do they answer for. all M.C. CLUBS — respect im not trying to disrespect anyone i just think if you cant say it to their faces -then you look like you wouldnt if they were around.. Haters stop hating on people you dont know. That’s for any person or club.. Yeesh anyone can sit on a computer an harrass people.. Who cares it means nothing . All these clubs deserve their respect , and the rest is up to them, not us on-lookers.. i RESPECT all clubs as long as they respect me and so far they all do.. Because i aint no hater and i dont get in their buisness.. or anyone elses. so live your own life and leave the M.C. clubs to do the same.. Its called respect and mind our own da* ^ buisness.. American Born #1..

  • Ace of Hearts

    Why spread more haters speech ? M.C. clubs usually make their own rules. So why haters think they make the rules is really ignorant to me. Perhaps the L.D.’S are not who they say there are and maybe they are. ITS NOT THE PUBLIC’S business unless they want it to be. Respect is a general rule of a real man. If you cant be respectful to them or any other chapter, then you are proably not even respectful too yourself. Personally i think she show is good and biker M.C. Groups are ok-some of them need brother-hood. So let em alone-their grown men. respect them..

  • Scott Kerr

    How about the 680 they made at the car wash. That will go a long way

  • henry hippy rising

    you guys put a bad name on 1% take the fucken show off

  • Bill

    First it was the laughing Queers now we also have the Sinister “Douchbags” when is it gonna end what a bunch of homos there is no story here.

  • seth

    maybe when these bouys grow up the can start wearing long pants total loser wannabes

  • bud

    thanks for everything thing you said, being around a few folks that ride, I know that they would never put they biz on the street much less ,make a show about it. Last night was a a real eye opener, last time I wwatch I can go to New Oleans If I want to watch fags

  • ricky bowman

    I missed the first show and want to know what happened to gypsy and the one I hated who took over the laffing devils when gypsy stepped down and that no named punk took over the devils and I would like to know where gypsy is?

  • Debbie

    How do you say…cancel?? Worst show ever!! Not reality! A hard core MC club smoking cigars having starbucks and meeting at a fern bar for cosmos…yea right. Discovery move on….Please!!

  • Redbra

    PATHETIC!!!!!!! Whos lame idea was it anyways? Everyone in East county and San Diego are “laughing” at your ass! Just put out all your club business out for everyone to know. All patched members have now broken RULE # 1!!!!

  • Windwalker

    I have been around a lot of bikers and clubs and I have never known any that divulge all there business on Television and make themselves a target for law enforcement. How could you carry on business if everything you do is on television. I have never seen any MC Club do the things they do especially when it come to defending you Club or Brothers.

  • Windwalker

    I watched the Devils Ride last night and it seemed to be a staged fight in a bar and took some guys patches. Everything just seems to be rehearsed and they talk about killing each other and other club members. They talk about beating each other up and then no one ever gets into a real fight. The so called violence never seem to pan out and every time they are going to have a big throw down it just never seems to happen. I have seen many MC Clubs but have never seen anything like this TV reality show about these MC Clubs.

  • philly fred

    lets see how many ‘FIGHTS” HAVE THEY HAD.. I done recall because this krap is so FUNNY I dont pay that much attention but I can tell you how much blood was spilled.. NONE, how many broken bones. NONE. how many bruises. NONE. I have seen better fights in grade school. these guys act like a bunch of chestyy little boys that go home crying to mom after tyhey get slapped. I love bikes and the LIFESTYLE BUT TO PASS THIS OFF AS REAL IS AN INSULT.BEHONEST THEY MAY BE INTERESTING IF IT WERENT STAGED . Like Jesse says fake —- TV BULL—- DRAMA…qUIT INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE. BROADCAST THE SHOW FOR WHAT IT IS. .

  • tenn tim

    Iv,been a biker for 35 years never in club just friends that like to ride have been around lots club members most of the bikers iv meet ar good guys but after seeing that fake ass tv show D,Ride with them pussy ass so called bikers the LD And SM it makes me and my bro want to ride out to CA and bitch slap each one of them whores

  • Andy

    Can we rename the show to The Drama Queens MC Club