Authorities in British Columbia, Canada, have impounded a 2006 Yamaha R1 believed to have starred in a YouTube video reaching speeds of 299 kph (185 mph) on a freeway.

The onboard video, embedded after the jump, captures the Yamaha weaving through traffic, and often lane-splitting between other vehicles, covering a 4.67 mile stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway in about a minute and 56 seconds. That translates to an average speed of 144.6 mph.

Vancouver Island police fielded numerous reports from witnesses, determining the video was filmed April 6 at around 4 p.m. Investigators identified the IP address used to upload the video, helping them track down the person they believe to be the rider in the video.

Police believe the rider is a 25-year-old male without a valid license or insurance and only a motorcycle learner’s permit. Police say the rider has had his license suspended five times (including his learner’s permit) from 27 prior convictions including speeding and driving without a valid license.

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The R1 in the video is registered to the suspect’s mother. Forensics investigators say the blue R1 bears five identical paint chips to the motorcycle in the video.

Though police would like to lay charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle on the rider, they face the problem of being unable to positively identify the person riding the motorcycle in the video. Unable to meet the burden of proof, police have done the only thing they could: seize the R1 and ticket the sportbike’s owner.

Under B.C. law, police are able to issue tickets to a vehicle’s owner, even if he or she was not operating it during a violation. The province’s Motor Vehicle Act places the responsibility for the conduct of a vehicle and anyone who operates it on the vehicle’s owner. Police issued three tickets carrying fines totaling CN$1,449 (US$1,462): $368 for driving without due care and attention, $438 for speeding and $598 for not insuring the R1.

[Source: The Vancouver Sun, CTV, YouTube]

  • mahdi.F

    That is soo stupid…going in between cars in a close proximity like that!! Whatta dumb ass…

  • Curtis Brandt

    Pretty brisk riding there. That rider has a fair bit of skills – Lotta people would have killed themselves in a similar situation. Wisdom? Not so much.

  • Richard

    He is lucky he did not put his mother in the position of having to attend his funeral. He is also lucky he did not have to face the mother of a child she had to bury because of him.

  • Bjorn Button

    Great post and scary video. This guy should be glad to be alive. Riding motorcycles that speed greatly increases death. I hope they catch the guy. It is amazing how fast those machines are made to go.

  • Dave

    He mite have some skill. But that just makes him a skilled idiot. And they tend to not live very long.

  • Vic

    There’s little skill in twisting a throttle and dodging a few cars. He’s obviously lacking in life experience and incapable of understanding the consequences of one’s actions and how they could possible affect others. His mother did a great job of teaching him self-discipline. If he is indeed the rider they suspect, then he’ll more than likely continue on with his behaviour. And he’ll die an early death.. Pray he doesn’t kill any innocent bystander while doing so. Young men, egos and fast bikes are a dangerous mix. Use this as an opportunity to reaffirm what your bike-riding priorities are..

    Stay safe out there, the rest of us.. !

  • doc

    Man, what a bunch of old ladies you guys are.

  • KevinW

    Dude could’ve bought ten track days for the price of those tickets, and would still have his bike. What a tool.

  • stu

    Dumbass and the best part he is a poor stupid fuck, his mom owns the bike so she must be just as dumb.
    People like him deserve to die when they wreck. No pitty for idiots like this that give people like me a bad name on the street, you want to go fast take it to track and if you cant afford the track you cant afford a bike. Dumbass.

  • krustchoff

    dont think it was too bad .the way you,se talk you would think this guy was a criminal.nice wide road, not too fast (seen faster) and good brakes on a performance bike. get a grip and take your pinnies off and have some fun with your bikes.better being able to do it than not as practice helps in all situations.confident riders arent mental just touched.

  • Ronald Fleming

    Put this puppy away! Lucky he didn’t hurt someone with negligent riding like this.

  • lawsonaero

    The funny part is that you all have done it. if you haven’t then you don’t have a bike fast enough.. stop bitching and let him live his life, even if it is a short one

  • Here in Germany we could legally drive as fast in this video 😉 But do you know what Bikers really do? -> …the third video is on a speed limited german highway with 300 km/h – drive past police…

  • geoffb

    The poor guy, I understand exactly how frustrated he feels. I have the same problem with my YZF getting stuck in first gear on the freeway like that. Yamaha really need to lift their game and iron the bugs out of their motorcycle gearboxes.

  • julian

    you probably have a lot of problems considering you’re so dumb you ride your 1000cc bike in first on the highway.even though your bike can do 90 mph doesn’t mean you should. jesus christ

  • Jay58

    This person would be the first to his own crash site. This is what gives bikers a bad name “RICE-ROCKETS” 185 MPH and a 6-Pack of 5-hour energy’s to keep up with the mental alertness to ride that fast. At least when racing the other bikes are going almost as fast as you and know to pull over when you are not driving at top speed. The timing to go from lane to lane is split second accurate, but this person has a DEATH WISH. I am just thankful he did not hit anyone. I have been buzzed by a RICE ROCKET BEFORE in my lane and it scared me and I am fearless. Talk about the “Dumbest stuff on wheels video of the week! Death is a perminent fix for this condition or permenant disability. Think of all the people you scared the BAJEEBEES out of.

  • sean

    didn’t think R1’s went that fast.

  • Rider

    Funny guy…. No Skills, just **DUMB** luck is all that is needed to ride like this. If you actually look at the video it shows how unskilled he really is. Like most riders in the same position it really shows how little skill, self control and knowledge he has. He wouldn’t even place on the track, no wonder he is out on the street!

    Should lose his license for life, (as if he cares… I hear it’s already suspended at time of video). Just raises insurance rates for the rest of us, not to mention the other lives he will eventually effect.

  • Mike W

    Verdict is to only upload from a hotspot. If this was done from a public hotspot he never would have been caught.

    But hey lets blame his mother for her motorcycle…lets ban them because a screwball kid got ahold of them and went wild. Wait a minute this is not CT.