Honda has updated its PCX scooter for 2013 with a larger 150cc engine.

The 2013 Honda PCX150 replaces the previous version’s 125cc engine with a 153cc powerplant. Honda hasn’t stated how much of a performance boost the larger engine has over the previous one, though the new displacement means the PCX is now freeway-legal in many states.

Despite the engine upgrade, the U.S.-spec PCX150 will still not have idle-stop technology as offered in other markets. The engines on PCX models in other countries turn off when the scooter is stopped for more than three seconds but turns back on at a touch of the throttle. The result is a reduction in emissions and improved fuel economy. As it is however, the U.S. version of the PCX150 is expected to be around 110 mpg, just like the PCX125.

Rear suspension has been updated, now offering 3.1 inches of travel (versus 2.9 inches for the PCX125). The PCX150 retains the previous model’s 31mm fork with 3.5 inches of travel.  The PCX150 is equipped with Honda’s combined braking system with a three-piston caliper gripping a 220mm disc up front and a drum brake at the rear.

The wheelbase is slightly longer than previously, with the PCX150 stretching for 51.8 inches compared to the PCX125’s 51.4-inch wheelbase. The 2013 PCX150 is also six pounds heavier, with Honda claiming a weight of 286 pounds including a full 1.6 gallon tank.

The 2013 Honda PCX150 will be available in showrooms this summer in Candy Red and Metallic Black. Pricing has yet to be announced.

[Source: Honda]

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  • Design looks gud and diff from other same category scooters but its quite broad and bulky is less preferable by ladies

  • Demji

    ‘Don’t know about other ladies, but I’m one who loves this design. My sole problem: 150cc may be “highway legal” in many states, but I, personally, wouldn’t take this out on the Interstates (Granted–I live in the insane-driving mecca of the U.S.–the southeast.) I wish that Honda would just stop playing, and make the PCX 250 or 300cc. THAT would be a great smaller “communter” scooter with still enough power to risk taking it on a minor road trip on occassion. If they would do that, I’d bet their U.S. sales would explode.

  • joe sapienza

    I just bought one. it rides like heaven,looks like heaven and compared to my old bike this is in a class of its own. I just plane love it!

  • John

    California Freeway legal? I-5, 205, 580 those are freeways.
    99, 120 are highways.

  • Mike Andruschak

    Yes, the PCX150 is freeway legal. Yes, it would be “nice” of have greater displacement and power — but it would be heavier and will have less fuel mileage.

    I have recently replaced my 650cc motorcycle for a 2012 Vespa LX150, for use on streets, freeway, and Interstate Touring. Before buying I did a 24 hour test ride by renting one from Eagle Riders. About 100 miles, including a 23 mile jaunt on the Foothill freeway. Doing mostly 65 mph on the freeway, I mostly stayed on the right but did have to change lanes to *pass* slower vehicles.

    Getting over 67 mpg.

    For those, such as myself, who do not have a need for speed, a 150+cc scooter is an excellent vehicle. *You* may be uncomfortable riding a very small scooter. I am totally comfortable on a 250 pound scooter on 10-11″ wheels doing 60-65 mph on the freeways.

    Ride your own Ride.

  • sadacharam

    I have now Honda aviator. Iam interested to have Honda 2013 PCX 150. Please help

  • sadacharam

    Scooter is so nice. if price is low,it is better in india

  • Officer Michelle Austin

    I drive 16 miles to work..Thinking about buying the Scooter shown above..How good can you see at night on these Scooters? Where are the best deals on this particular one?