New York-based manufacturer Evolve will equip its electric scooters with touch screen digital dashboards and telematics systems.

The GPS-equipped digital platform will be installed as standard equipment on certain 2013 models. Saturna Systems, which supplies the technology for Evolve, says this will represent the first time GPS location-based services and telematics devices will be installed on OEM electric scooters.

Equipped units will have a digital color touchscreen display that can connect wirelessly to the rider’s phone via Bluetooth. Scooters will be equipped with devices incorporating a high-speed processor, GPS and 3D accelerometer much like a smart phone.

The on-board device collects data from the scooter’s electrical system, providing detailed information about the battery’s charge and range information. The GPS system provides real-time navigation and identify nearby charging station locations. The system will also connect with other location-based services and social networks through Saturna’s cloud network.

“Evolve’s line-up of bikes are cutting edge, from their design to the technologies that power them. With the Saturna Platform we’ll bring revolutionary features to the user interface, and take the experience of riding an EV to a whole new orbit,” says Lex Kendall, director and co-founder of Evolve Motorcycles. “An Evolve motorcycle is an extension of the rider and his/her network, a vehicle that takes any possible worry out of riding electric. A vehicle that is no longer an island but instead redefines true connected mobility.”

[Source: Evolve, Saturna]

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