If you’ve been riding motorcycles for a while, chances are you’ve encountered a motorists or two that put your temper on the boil. Maybe the vehicle’s driver sawed you off with an abrupt lane change with seeming little regard for you, the vulnerable motorcyclist. This is just one scenario; many more exist.

And maybe the incident was enough to have you shouting unintelligbly inside your helmet. But did you ever consider taking on Goliath, and teaching the inconsiderate driver a lesson, in the Motorcycle vs. Much Bigger Vehicle battle?

Cagers can really piss us off sometimes, that’s for sure. But before you contemplate puttin’ the smack down on the four-wheeler, consider the potentially disastrous (or even fatal!) outcome that was narrowly avoided when the motorcyclist in this video exacted his revenge.

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  • Pedro

    Hi, I’m a brazilian reader of motorcycle.com and I love it. You are doing a very nice job.
    But I must explain a little about this incident.

    This video was shot in Brasilia, Brazil capitol.
    And the “fight” began when the girl on the car didnt saw the biker coming and accidentally “closed the door” on him.
    Then the angry biker started to threaten the girl and kicking her car. She went into panic and drove the car against the biker!

    Brazilian traffic went really violent these days, and everyone is afraid. We cant blame the girl for this incident.

    So, I hope everybody learn something from this. Politness and good manners are the right choice to deal with it. Accidents happens, and nobody do this on purpose, unless such person is a psychopath. Dont start a fight because of accidents!

    Lets just enjoy riding peacefully!

  • k24

    I see it as two choices. I go to hospital for being run over or I go to severely assaulting the car driver.
    Accidents DO happen, bad drivers are, however no accident.
    If they have a right to try kill me, I have a right to try kill them

  • Warren

    Pedro, did you actually see it happening? I live in Southern California. I get this stuff happening to me all the time. When someone gets right on top of the white line like that car. It’s done intentionally. Think about it. Why was she on top of the white line??? I see the traffic way too heavy for a lane change. And her car was not angled to do so. Also she could have apologized. She did have her window down. Maybe she “flipped him off” or yelled at him to go get screwed. I agree that unless she made contact with him or his bike he should have just yelled or hand gestured at her. But people in cars think they are in the right all the time when they do crap like this.

  • Don

    Remember the Golden Rule. YA I know it’s hard many times but it could save your life

  • Dodge

    Two years ago, I was riding home. This woman was causing trafic caos, by slowing down then speeding up. This was causing an acordian effect. I was nearly rear ended several times. When finally safe to pass her I did so. I signalled and shoulder checked, then rolled on the throatle. That’s when it happened. I was on this woman’s 10 o’clock and she came across the line and nailed me in mid engine. It took 5 months to heal, broken bones and road rash to the bone. She had the nerve to acuse me, saying I hit her. Fortunatly there were enough witness’ to back my story and she was charged. She still took it to court, but was only charged with making an unsafe left. I believe she should have been charged with dangerous. It’s plain to see the woman in the video was trying to kill that biker too.

  • Ken

    You never know what’s going on in someone’s head at the time. Whatever she did, he was wrong for kicking her car. They were both in the wrong ultimately. I’ve been riding for over 40 years and have had a lot of close calls, but very few deliberate attempts.

    Essentially we are at a serious dissadvantage when on the road with other vehicles. It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight. The biker is going to lose — unless they can outrun the offending vehicle.

    I have to remind myself regularly riding in the San Francisco Bay Area that unless we make eye contact, I am invisable to the vehicles around me. Never assume they see you coming. Never assume they cut you off on purpose. Even so, when lane splitting through heavy traffic, I’ve had drivers deliberately move over to stop/slow my progression. Eventually, I get by, but it does irk me to no end they don’t understand the reason we are allowed to proceed this way.

    If we allow our emotions to control our actions, we are allowing others to dictate our lives. Not sure that’s where I want to be.

    So, I also have to remind myself to breath deeply and move on as best possible, able to enjoy another day of riding. Let’s keep it safe!

  • Pedro

    Warren, NO ONE do this on purpose! If does, this person is a PSYCHOPATH, and need to be behind the bars!

    This incident was broadcast to all the country. There is witness to defend the car driver.
    Yes, she did wrong, but he did worst! Here in Brazil, her act is called SELF-DEFENSE!

    Then you say that she was wrong by being on the white line, WHAT THE HELL WAS THE BIKER DOING ON THE WHITE LINE??? Wrong too! That line is NOT a special lane to bikes!

    Both were WRONG! But his angry caused all that!

    I’m a rider too, but never crossed my mind kicking a car!
    First, dont ride like a crazy horse and you can avoid almost all accidents.
    Second, BE POLITE! Stop, and TALK normaly! You never know what caused that! Dont acuse without know everything!

  • grady

    Right- on… Ya get tired of cagers thinkin they own the road he should have drug her out the window and pissed on her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!