3. Yvonne Craig as Batgirl in Batman

Third place on our list goes to another TV starlet, but it’s not our fault there’s more actresses from television than movies who actually ride motorcycles. Yvonne Craig in that form-fitting, glittery, purple Batgirl outfit deserves some recognition. And don’t knock her ride, the motorcycle is as campy as the rest of the original made-for-TV Batman series, but Craig makes it look good, or at least looks good riding it.

In a fan interview Craig says her sister can attest to the fact that she rode a motorcycle and was always doing crazy things with it — a lot of times with her sister on the back.

“One time we were going up a hill, and it didn’t really have enough guts, and I gave it gas and shifted and we did a wheelie, and she fell off, and I fell on top of her, and the bike slid across my leg and burned my leg. And we were lying in the gutter, laughing, laughing, laughing.”

An extra bonus, Craig played the lusty green Marta from the planet Orion in the 1968 Star Trek episode, Whom Gods Destroy. A motorcycle-riding super-heroine and a seductive green alien! No other film actress can claim those attributes!

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