8. Tie: Monet Mazur as Shaen and Jaime Pressly as China in Torque

We emphasize our opening paragraph Grinch statement when referring to the movie “Torque,” but when it comes to two hot women having a high-speed cat fight aboard a couple sportbikes, “Torque” owns the scene. It’s good vs. evil, blonde vs. brunette, Mountain Dew vs. Pepsi product placement in this motorcycle battle royale.

Both Mazur and Pressly had to attend a motorcycle riding school prior to filming “Torque.” “I wish I could say I got the part because of my expert motorcycle skills,” said Mazur in an interview, “but unfortunately they were nil. I had to learn everything.”

It doesn’t seem as though either girl lives a biker life outside the unrealistic world of “Torque,” but apparently Mazur came away with a new perspective about women motorcyclists. “After I started riding I would always look when I’d see bikers and see if it was a girl or a guy, and if it was a girl, the way they were riding, what they were wearing. It’s awesome whenever I see girls riding choppers.”

If you’ve never seen “Torque,” use the embedded clip and judge for yourself if the movie’s worth seeing in its entirety. If this helps you decide, neither Mazur nor Pressly get naked in this PG-13 flick.

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  • Martin

    “The theme song to “The Grinch” describes the eponymous character’s soul as “An appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable,” and that’s pretty much how” *I* feel about this article.

    “For female moviegoers, it’s good to see an empowered woman riding a bike and kicking ass.” Survey a lot of female movie goers on that, did you?

    “For men, well… if she’s hot, she’s hot, and a gorgeous woman with serious motorcycle skills is fodder for male fantasies.” So… a woman with serious motorcycle skills is notable because she can be used as fodder for male fantasies? Not because she’s, you know, a motorcyclist with serious skills.

    In all fairness, I shouldn’t be surprised to find this on a site with an entire section dedicated to “Motorcycle Babes”… Which is, in large part, why I rarely stop by.

  • Carrie-Ann Moss looks great on the Ducati in Matrix Reloaded 😀

  • Doc

    yeah, nothing’s more offensive than sexually attractive women. BTW, that’s sarcasm.

  • Daniel
  • Filmbuffet

    Great list. We recently highlighted some of the baddest bikers in Hollywood movies & TV – http://www.filmbuffet.com/blog_post/1620/who-is-hollywoods-biggest-biker-badass