1. Ann-Margret as Kelly Olsson in The Swinger

Ann Margret gets first place on our list because this sex kitten (as she was known back in the day) is the original motorcycling starlet who was gorgeous enough to be listed in Empire magazine’s 100 sexiest stars in film history.

In addition to riding bikes in various films like the Triumph T100C Tiger in “The Swinger,” she’s a real motorcyclist who craved the thrill of two-wheels in her personal life. Margret modeled for Triumph advertisements in 1960s and used a Triumph in her stage show and TV specials

In 2000, at age 59, she suffered a fractured shoulder and three broken ribs in a motorcycle accident. In 2001 she appeared on the Larry King show:

King: And do you still ride motorcycles?
Ann-Margret: I have a beautiful, brand-new one waiting for me.
King: Why do you ride motorcycles?
Ann-Margret: Why do you do this show?
King: Well, it ain’t going to send me off the cliff.
Ann-Margret: No, but don’t you love it?
King: Yes, I love it. But why do you love motorcycles?
Ann-Margret: It is everything.
King: And so accidents are something you accept from it, right?
Ann-Margret: There are two types of motorcycle riders: ones who have had an accident and ones who will.

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