Left-turning cars at an oncoming intersection. A driver changing lanes without checking his blind spot. An SUV drifting perilously close to the lane markings while its driver checks his Blackberry. Every biker will encounter situations like these on a daily basis, and should always be prepared ready to react. One useful tool at the rider’s disposal is the motorcycle horn, but sometimes the OEM-equipped horn isn’t loud enough.

A popular fix for this issue is to replace the stock horn with an air horn which creates a much louder sound. But the problem with an air horn is it really only has one setting: loud. Sometimes you want a more subtle sound.

Electrical engineer Peter Olt from Tampa, Fla., has invented a system to get around this issue. Olt’s Banshee Horn can wail when you want it to, and be subtle when you don’t.

The Banshee Horn allows the rider to select whether to use the standard stock horn or the system’s 135 dB pulsing air horn. Press the button to activate the stock horn, and press and hold the button to activate the air horn. The Banshee Horn can also flash your high beams to add a visual warning along with the audio one.

Watch the video below for a demonstration:

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UPDATE: Banshee Horn has launched a new website. Check it out here: http://bansheehorn.com/home

[Source: Banshee Horn via Kickstarter]