Lehman Trikes announced the passing of its founder and director, John K. Lehman, from heart failure brought on by an embolism.

The 2009 Sturgis Hall of Fame member died Jan. 5 in Arizona at the age of 60, leaving his wife Linda, son Quinten, daughter Leann, sisters Gladys, Linda and Carol as well as three grandchildren.

Lehman built his first trike in 1984 so his wife Linda could ride with one of their children. Lehman’s creation drew much attention, leading to the founding of Lehman Trikes in 1993, producing conversion kits for two-wheeled motorcycles from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Victory.

“Today is crushingly sad,” says Larry Strilchuk, a longtime friend of Lehman and a partner with Lehman Trikes.  “John Lehman was my lifelong friend and amazing partner. Through good and bad times, John’s gracious nature, love of family and friends, and positive outlook always touched everyone who came in contact with him. He was dearly loved and will be sorely missed.”

Lehman was also known for his charitable work, creating the Good Turn Trike program to donate trike conversion kits to individuals with disabilities. Lehman also helped raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kids n’ Chrome, and other children’s charities.

[Source: Lehman Trikes]

  • John Stockman

    Best wishes to John’s family. I got a Lehman conversion for my 1988 GL1500 in ’97. My degenerative joint disability was worsening, and it was either give up riding, or seek a sidecar or trike conversion. I spent 2 years researching and riding the various conversions available. For my situation, a trike was better than a sidecar rig. The construction and engineering of the Lehman kit was far above those other companies. I put 172,000 miles on that Lehman/GL1500 in 12 years and never had a lick of trouble, driveability problems or handling issues. I got to ride part of the original Pride Ride (the one that circumnavigated the US) with John and Linda through the Northwest and Northern California. The nicest folks you could ever meet. Very helpful and concerned about the quality of their conversions. RIP, John. Thanks for your efforts and allowing me a way to keep enjoying my passion, motorcycling.
    John A. Stockman

  • Ann Perfitt

    Our sincerest wishes are with you. We recently purchased a new HD TriGlide, which without the forthought of John, would not be in existance today. Again, our thoughts are with you and yours.

  • Wayne Hoffman

    I owned a Lehman trike and it was great. I met John Lehman at different rallies, he was great guy. Wayne