“American Choppers” star Paul Teutul Sr. will be appearing on another television reality show, joining the cast of the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice“.

Orange County Chopper‘s Teutul will be competing in the 12th season of Donald Trump‘s show, and the fifth to feature a cast of celebrities (or pseudo-celebrities, depending on how you look at it) each competing on behalf of a chosen charity. Contestants will work in teams on a different business-related challenge each episode, with Trump “firing” a member of the team that does worst at that episode’s challenge.

Teutul will be competing on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The roster of “celebrities” includes “American Idol” contestant Clay Aiken, IndyCar driver Michael Andretti, radio host Adam Carolla, actress Tia Carrere, Lou Ferrigno from TV’s “Incredible Hulk”, 80s pop star Debbie Gibson, Teresa Giudice of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, and Victoria Gotti, the daughter of mob boss John Gotti.

Other contestants include former talk show host Arsenio Hall, magician Penn Jillette of “Penn & Teller” fame, insult comic Lisa Lampanelli, 2008 Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, singer Aubrey O’Day, Dee Snyder of the band Twisted Sister, George Takei from “Star Trek”, and models Cheryl Tiegs and Patricia Velásquez.

The new season of “Celebrity Apprentice” premieres Feb. 12 on NBC.

[Source: NBC]

  • edrico

    It’s ORANGE County, not Ocean County!


  • Oops. Major bad on my part.

  • Thank for this Article, I Love ORANGE County 😉

  • John Stockman

    Just what motorcyclists need, poseurs with nothing but butt-jewelry acting like a bunch of kids on a playground. Reality TV? Those idiot-sticks need to realize that it is not reality TV if they know the cameras are there. Clowns without make-up have done more to denegrate motorcyclists everywhere in the eyes of the non-riding public that most anything else. Big difference between “bikers” and “motorcyclists”…read a recent article by Fred Rau if you want to know the difference.

  • Keith

    I’m going to watch just to see Paul Sr. throw a chair at Clay Aiken and call Arensio Hall “numbnuts”.